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Due to the University closure, most Student Affairs offices and buildings are closed. Before visiting, please confirm offices are operating. Most virtual appointments and events are still being held. For information on specific buildings and services, please visit our campus closure information page


Fraternity & Sorority Social Monitoring

All fraternity and sorority chapters must submit individual proposals on how they plan to manage social events for their chapter. When a fraternity or sorority chapter holds a social event, the chapter must follow the guidelines below.

  • Limit of 10 socials per semester.
  • No day-long events.
  • Only beer and wine can be served at socials with alcohol. 
  • Indoor and outdoor social events limited to the legal capacity of the chapter house. 
  • Service of alcohol at social events must follow Pennsylvania law and be distributed by RAMP-trained servers.  

Event Framework 

Our event framework provides a structure for a three-step process when a chapter registers a social event with alcohol. 

  • A pre-event planning conference at the beginning and midpoint of each semester, as well as on an as-needed basis 
  • An event assessment for each registered social 
  • A post-event assessment conference, as needed