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Fraternity & Sorority Social Monitoring

All fraternity and sorority chapters must submit individual proposals on how they plan to manage social events for their chapter. When a fraternity or sorority chapter holds a social event, the chapter must follow the guidelines below.

  • Limit of 10 socials per semester.
  • No day-long events.
  • Only beer and wine can be served at socials with alcohol. 
  • Indoor and outdoor social events limited to the legal capacity of the chapter house. 
  • Service of alcohol at social events must follow Pennsylvania law and be distributed by RAMP-trained servers.  

Event Framework 

Our event framework provides a structure for a three-step process when a chapter registers a social event with alcohol. 

  • A pre-event planning conference at the beginning and midpoint of each semester, as well as on an as-needed basis 
  • An event assessment for each registered social 
  • A post-event assessment conference, as needed