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About the Summer Leadership Conference

The Summer Leadership Conference is a three-day conference that brings Penn State student representatives together from across the commonwealth. Participants attend several workshops aimed at enhancing their leadership, citizenship and networking skills.

This year's Summer Leadership Conference will be held on August 2-4, 2018 at University Park in State College, PA.


The Penn State Summer Leadership Conference will provide a challenging and motivating experience for participants where they will learn to be empowered, confident leaders, both personally and professionally, and will be inspired to lead purposeful lives while upholding the Penn State values.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Enhance essential skills and competencies and identify areas for further exploration and development in the pursuit of leadership excellence; specifically ethical decision making, creative education and innovation, group dynamics, and conflict management.
  • Explain the importance of embracing a diverse and inclusive community and how those relate to multicultural competency.
  • Define their leadership values and philosophies through self-awareness exercises.
  • Demonstrate how their role as a student leader at Penn State can be applied to their future.

Registration Process


Please complete the 2018 SLC Registration Form to register your campus student delegates. Registration is due by June 1st. Registration for all conference participants includes: accommodations, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunch, and 2 dinners, all meeting facilities, scheduled entertainment, registration and other materials. Lunch will not be provided on the first or last day of the conference; please make arrangements.


The per student rate for this year’s conference is $250 per person. For those arriving the night before, a fee of $45.00/ night will be added. Payment will be due upon receipt of invoice, distributed during the CCSAO meeting at the SLC. In the event a campus must make a change to the registration, please contact Jay Arcuri,

Adult Learner Engagement

We’re excited to announce the development of an “Adult Learner Track” to engage adult learners in this year’s conference. Through the education committee a small group of student affairs professionals that regularly support adult students have been working hard to ensure that this year’s conference will train adult learners to develop as student leaders as well. We are asking that each campus recruit at least 2 adult learners, to bring as a part of their delegation. This will ensure that these students have an opportunity to connect across campuses, like their traditional age peers. Visit the CAL website, to see the university's definition of an adult learner.

Pride Groups Leader Facilitation

Pride groups allow students to “go deep” and explore the learning outcomes in thoughtful and transformative ways through guided curriculum. Consider signing up to be a pride group facilitator to explore this year’s learning outcomes with a small group (10-12) of student leaders. Who knows you may be transformed too!

Education Sessions

Education sessions are an important part of SLC as it is an opportunity for students to hear from you and learn from your expertise related to their development as student leaders. Please consider submitting 1 or more education session proposals for one of the four sessions. If your content might be acceptable for adult learners, please be sure to indicate that on the form, to ensure the appropriate designation. The call for proposals will come in a separate email. 


We’ve gone electronic! This year the Statement of Expectations, Photo Waiver and Pre & Post Assessment are all online forms. Once your student delegation is submitted we will send them individual emails requesting they complete these forms and communicate any missing documents to the campus contact. All online forms must be completed prior to check in. 

For each student or staff member you will need to complete the following information:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Gender Identity
  • PSU e-mail address
  • For those students returning to the conference for a 2nd year please indicate this next to their name on the registration form. (Ex: Jay Arcuri - Returner)
  • Area Represented
    • This information will go on the name tag. For staff this is their title. Due to space constraints we are not able to list more than one title for students. Therefore, for students you will need to select one title or area that the student is representing which resulted in their invitation to the conference.
  • Number of Nights
    • This should be two nights for all students attending. Staff may only be able to attend for one night and this should be reflected appropriately on the registration form. If you are interested in arriving a day early (Monday night) for the conference please make sure to note 3 nights instead of 2 when you complete the registration form for your campus.
    • Due to the location of the conference this year, many campuses will be arriving a day early (Monday night) for the conference. Please make sure to note 3 nights instead of 2 when you complete the registration form.
  • T-shirt size
  • Dietary restriction(s)

Once you complete the information on all the attendees from your campus you will need to click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Following this, you will get a confirmation notice that it has been successfully submitted.

Campuses will be invoiced for the number of students/staff that they register for. Invoices will be given at the conference. Just a reminder that you will be invoiced for the number of students/staff who were initially registered.

Please remember that all students are required to sign the expectations agreement. These need to be submitted at the time of Check-In on August 2nd (or for early arrivals on August 1st).