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Due to the University closure, most Student Affairs offices and buildings are closed on January 17, 2022. Before visiting, please confirm offices are operating. Virtual appointments and events may still be held. For information on specific buildings and services, please visit our campus closure information page


Student Achievement Awards

Student Achievement Awards recognize undergraduate and graduate students for their outstanding achievements inside and outside of the classroom and are traditionally presented at the President or Graduate Award Ceremonies in the spring.  There are three separate nomination forms.  Nominations for the Student Achievement Awards will be considered for the Eric A. Walker Award, John W. Oswald Award, and the Ralph Dorn Hetzel Memorial Award and are open to graduating seniors who will be part of the Class of 2022.  Nomination forms for the Graduate Student Service Award and Jackson Lethbridge Tolerance Award are separate forms. Information about each award and links to the nomination forms are below.

Nominations will open on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. ET, and close on Friday, December 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Please direct questions to Darcy Rameker at

The Eric A. Walker Award 

This award recognizes a senior student whose activities and achievements have enhanced the public esteem and renown of Penn State. This award will be presented to a graduating member of the senior class and is open to University Park students only. 

The John W. Oswald Award 

This award recognizes graduating seniors who have provided outstanding leadership in at least one of the following areas of activity of Penn State:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Social Services, Religious Activities, and Student Government
  • Journalism, Speech, and the Mass Media
  • Creative and Performing Arts

This award will be presented only to graduating members of the senior class and is open to University Park students only. 

The Ralph Dorn Hetzel Memorial Award

This award recognizes the achievements and potential of outstanding undergraduate students who have demonstrated the qualities of responsible leadership during their college careers and give promise of public-spirited achievement in the future. This award will be presented only to graduating members of the senior class who have shown outstanding academic achievement and have demonstrated leadership in University or other public activities.

Graduate Student Service Award 

This award recognizes the graduate student who has best combined high academic achievement with leadership in University or other public activities. This award is open to any current graduate student who has completed a minimum of one full year of graduate studies at Penn State. Law and Medical students are not eligible for this award. 

The Jackson Lethbridge Tolerance Award

The purpose of this award is to bring recognition to broad-minded students who openly promote responsible citizenship and civil respect for diversity within the Penn State community while emphasizing a nature of respectful tolerance for the differences among our constituents. This award will be presented annually to one student of outstanding character and leadership. Juniors, seniors, or graduate students are eligible.