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The student organization finance office 

Anatomy of the Account String 

Account String: The Account String is the combination of the following items: Account Number, Fund Source, Activity Code, Semester Code, and Object Code. 

Example: 0123-30-00-0-50500 

Anatomy of the Account String in the ASA Office
Anatomy of the Account String in the ASA Office


Account Number: This is a 4-digit number that is assigned to the organization when the account is setup. Account setup is not automatic upon becoming recognized. The treasurer is responsible for opening the account. 

Fund Source (FS): The Fund Source designates what funds are being used. 

10 or 40 – These funds are part of the Student Activity Fee that is collected every year. These funds are allocated by UPAC (University Park Allocation Committee). ASA receives an allocation letter from UPAC that specifically states how the funds are to be used. 

30 – These funds are collected by the organization by various methods: fundraising, clothing sales, dues collection, gifts, etc. These funds may be used by the organization in any way, within University guidelines (Example: Alcohol can’t be purchased). 

Activity Code (AC): An Activity Code is used when an organization has a “sub-account” within the same organization. These codes are generally restricted to long-standing events and programs. Most organizations will not have an Activity Code and will mark “00” in this location 

Semester Code (S): The Semester Code will be “0” most of the time. (This code specifically designates a Summer Semester “3” or “4” UPAC Allocation.) 

Object Code: The Object Code defines the income or expense. For Example, 50220 is “Dues Expense,” and would be used when you need to pay national dues; 50250 is “Clothing Expense” and would be used when purchasing clothing. 

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Anatomy of the Account String
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