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Guidelines for Student Organizations Marketing, Apparel, and Promotional Items

The University encourages students to be creative in designing logos, posters, apparel, and other marketing items for their organizations. We also encourage organizations to celebrate their connection to Penn State with these designs.

Keep in mind, that many of the Penn State logos and graphics you see around campus are trademarked or registered and have specific guidelines about who can use them and how they can be used. These logos and graphics are an important part of the Penn State brand.

By following the guidelines below, you can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure your designs positively represent your organization and Penn State.

Licensed Vendors

When purchasing merchandise or apparel for your organization such as t-shirts, water bottles, pins, etc. students MUST use a licensed vendor. Only licensed vendors may reproduce University marks, names, and logos. For more information and a list of licensed vendors visit Penn State Licensing

Registration marks

Many recognizable Penn State names and graphics are registered or trademarked. Any merchandise or promotional products using these names or graphics must include the appropriate [R] or [TM] symbol. Students can refer to the Office of Licensing Programs at Penn State's Graphic Art Sheet for more information on the University's registered or trademarked names and graphics. When students use a licensed vendor, the vendor can assist in ensuring all the correct registration marks and trademarks are included.

Hand-Drawn Artwork

Students may create artwork that conveys the spirit of their organization. Do not redraw trademarked university graphics such as the lion shield, the athletic logo, the paw print, or the lion mascot. Check trademarked graphics at the Office of Licensing Programs at Penn State's Graphic Art Sheet.

Student groups may use the images below

University Recognized Student Organization Shield Mark

Recognized student organizations can request a special version of the University's mark to use on their materials by filling out an online form. When using this mark, do not alter it in any way. Find all the usage guidelines in the Student Org  Marketing Toolkit

Penn State wordmark
Paw Print Graphic

The Nittany Lion paw print graphic is available for use by Penn State students. The paw print is trademarked by the University, and must not be altered. Merchandise featuring the paw print requires a registration symbol. The paw print may be used as accent artwork for Penn State materials but should not be used as a logo. Students can download .eps files and usage guidelines from the Student Org Marketing Toolbox.

paw print
Lion Shrine Images

A variety of different Lion Shrine images and drawings are approved for student organization use. These are the only Lion Shrine images that are approved for use and these images should not be altered or redrawn. You can download images from the Student Org Marketing Toolkit.

Lion Shrine head
Lion Caricatures

A variety of Lion Caricatures are available for use by student organizations. These graphics should not be altered and students must follow the guidelines document, which can be found in the folder with the images. Please note: these caricatures cannot be used for merchandise at this time. Download the images and guidelines in the Student Org Marketing Toolkit.

Nittany Lion with backpack, waving

Student groups may NOT use the images below

University Seal
The University seal should not be used by student organizations. It is typically reserved for use on official University documents. It also appears on diplomas and at commencement events to recognize the conferring of an academic degree.
University seal with red x over it
Penn State Athletics Logo
The Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics logo typically cannot be used for student organizations and requires permission. Requests to use this logo should be emailed to the Office of Licensing programs at
Athletics logo with red x over it
Block "S" Logo
The Block "S" logo is a Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics logo and cannot typically be used for student organizations. Requests to use this logo should be emailed to the Office of Licensing programs at
S logo with red x