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Free Game-Style Education for Student Organizations and Classes

Have fun while learning to avoid legal problems! Student Legal Services offers free, interactive, game style programs for student groups on popular topics like landlord-tenant law, police encounters, and spotting scams. We can deliver the games in person or virtually, depending on your group's preference. These work well as an activity at a club meeting, a special event, or in a first year seminar.

Landlord-Tenant Trivia

How much do you really know about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant? This game tests your renter savvy. Helpful for anyone who lives off-campus, or is preparing to rent in the University Park market.

Police Encounter Potluck

Lock in your answers to multiple choice questions about police encounters in public and at home. Do the police have the right to search your pockets or check your cell phone? Do you have to let the police search your dorm room? How can you preserve your rights without escalating the encounter?


This bingo-style game helps students to identify and avoid common scams like faux phone calls from government agencies, phishing emails, and shady internet buyers and sellers. This game is particularly useful for international students, as they are often targeted by scammers.

Interested in a different topic? We can create a game to fit your group's needs.

Email or call 814-867-4388 to schedule a session today.

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