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Access to the News at No Cost

Stay informed and gain a broader perspective inside and outside of classrooms. As a Penn State student, you have digital access to a variety of local, national, and global newspapers at no cost. 

  • Digital access is also available for all students at the Commonwealth Campuses.  

Participating Publications

How Can I Access News?

To take advantage of this program, follow our instructions to register for digital access to the news websites and apps. 

The New York Times

How to register for access to the New York Times

  1. Visit The New York Times education access webpage
  2. Search for and select Pennsylvania State University in the search box
  3. You will be redirected to the New York Times welcome page
  4. Click Create Account and complete the registration fields (You MUST use your Penn State email to register; however, please DO NOT use your Penn State password)
  5. You will receive a welcome email; click the confirmation link the email to complete your registration

Once you've registered, you can access The New York Times website or mobile app directly. Download the NYTimes app from The App Store or Google Play

What if my New York Times digital subscription expires?

Over the course of your membership, you may find that your subscription has "expired." This is expected and easy to fix.

  1. Visit 
  2. Click Already have an account? Log in Here. 
  3. Enter your Penn State email address and follow the prompts
  4. You will receive a verification email; click the confirmation link to renew your subscription
The Wall Street Journal

How to register for access to The Wall Street Journal

  1. Visit The Wall Street Journal's Penn State access page
  2. You will be directed through Penn State WebAccess; Log in to your Penn State Account
  3. You will be redirected to; Complete the registration fields to create your account
  4. The email address and password you create will become your login credentials; please DO NOT use your Penn State credentials to create your account. 

Once you've registered, you can access The Wall Street Journal website or mobile app directly. Download The Wall Street Journal app from The App Store or Google Play.* 

*Please note: faculty and staff will need to refresh their membership annually to confirm they are still affiliated with Penn State. 

Update to available newspapers
The Student News Readership Program regularly evaluates its relationships with publications, which includes a review of the costs and student subscriptions. Based on this review, the University will not be renewing its agreement with McClatchy Shared Services, Inc., to provide digital access to the Centre Daily Times (CDT) for University Park students, faculty, and staff.

Any student, faculty, or staff member can go to University Libraries at University Park to access the CDT newspaper. A print version of the CDT is available in 128 Paterno. Users can access a digital version of the CDT online through the libraries.
Access the Center Daily Times through the libraries

Faculty Members: Looking to Engage Students with the News?

Faculty can receive free digital subscriptions to the participating newspapers. Faculty also have access to classroom resources and teaching support materials from these newspapers. If you are interested in accessing news digitally for your class or in exploring some of the many educational resources, check out the resources below. 

Digital Classroom Resources

New York Times in Education Website

How to register for NYT in Education Website

Please note, this is different than the registration for a digital subscription to The New York Times

  1. Visit The New York Times in education registration webpage
  2. Create an account using your Penn State email address. (you can use the same credentials as your digital subscription)
  3. You will be directed to log in to The New York Times in Education welcome page; this is the site you will go to in order to access classroom resources
Wall Street Journal for Professors Website

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has a suite of tools and resources to help professors integrate WSJ into the classroom. These are included with your digital subscription. You can find these resources on their WSJ for Professors website

  • WSJ Context: a reading list tool that makes it simple to curate and share with your students relevant articles based on the courses you teach. 
  • Weekly Review: Discover relevant articles and thought-provoking questions created by specialized faculty.
  • The Modern Class: A monthly newsletter that updates professors on the most effective ways to incorporate WSJ into their curriculums.
  • Critical Thinking Resources: Case studies for key areas in the WSJ that professors can leverage in their courses.

Additional News Access from Penn State Libraries

PressReader is an “all-you-can-read digital newsstand” offering downloadable access to more than 6,000 full-format current newspapers and magazines, including 2,300 newspapers from 160 countries and in 60 languages. PressReader is easily accessible through the University Libraries homepage with a Penn State access id, or from the Paterno Library Global News hotspot (adjacent to Starbucks) on the University Park campus, with no authentication required.

The University Libraries also offers a News and Newspaper Sources guide with links to most current newspaper databases. 

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