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Student Affairs Accounts process

New user:

  • The Manager verifies the background check.
  • The Manager requests the new user's Student Affairs account.
  • The Service Desk sets up the account.
  • The Service Desk provides the userid and temporary password to the Manager.
  • The Manager gives the userid and temporary password to the new user.
  • The new user logs in to a computer and changes their password. The new user completes the required training: FERPA training.

Terminated user:

  • The Manager informs the Service Desk of the terminated user. The termination notification includes the name, the termination date, and the status. (Status: leaving University, transferring outside of Student Affairs, transferring within Student Affairs).
  • Remove access to all University, Student Affairs, and unit software, files, and data.
Supported Hardware
End User Equipment1
Mouse (wireless/wired)
Keyboard (wireless/wired)


External Storage Devices
Magnetic Card Readers
Label/Receipt printers
Signature pads
Digital Signs
Power Sources1
Power Adapters
Networking Equipment


Port Activation3
Print Server

1 The purchase of each peripheral is to be reviewed by SAIT. The actual brand and model are to be recommended by the SAIT department and purchased with unit/division capital. Purchases made without the expressed approval of the SAIT department will not be installed or be removed from the Student Affairs environment and will not have access to SAIT resources.

2 Support comes through 3rd party (IKON, Laser Force, and/or PrinterMech) initiated by end-user not the SAIT department. SAIT will provide the printer an IP address and have it communicate with the networked devices and vice versa and support that communication. For CLM workstations that are not part of Student Affairs domain, please refer to the ITS compatibility and supported hardware. 

3 Activation of the port, not the port hardware, or troubleshooting the cabling between end points.

Penn State Student Affairs
Student Affairs Information Technology
Administrative office

107 Beecher-Dock House
University Park, PA 16802

Service Desk office

106 Beecher-Dock House
University Park, PA 16802