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Digital Signs in Residence Halls

Thank you for your interest in posting signs in the residence halls. At this time, we are not posting flyers in the halls. You may submit digital signs for limited rotation.

Digital signs must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG file, formatted to 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.

Digital Signs will only be approved for:

  1. Residence Life events/information (ARHS, NRHH, Residence Life announcements)
  2. Housing
  3. Food Services
  4. Other University offices with contact information, including building/room and phone number
  5. Resources of general interest to residence hall students, sponsored by a University office

Typically signs regarding fundraising, group recruitment, or for student organizations are not approved.

To request approval, send an attachment of the digital sign to Requests should be sent a minimum of 10 business days before you want the signs to be posted in the rotation. You will receive an email notifying you if your sign is approved to be posted.  For additional information, contact Kelly Thom at or 814-863-1710.

Any organization or group is able to post on general posting boards in each commons. The group is responsible for hanging those signs and removing them when the event is over.

Stall Stories has gone digital!
Stall Stories will be both in print form and digital form for the Fall 2021 semester. As we move toward the Spring semester, we will reassess whether or not we will be maintaining a digital format. Scan the QR code or visit the link to get the latest information on Residence Life and campus events, programs, and updates.
Click here to view the latest digital Stall Stories edition
QR Code to access the digital version of Residence Life Stall Stories

Stall Stories

Stall Stories is an informational and curricular-based publication that is posted weekly in residence hall restrooms intended to:

  1. provide education around living in a community, and
  2. connect students to resources and activities related to their residential living experience.

Accepted Content

Requests for stall stories publication must be related to one of the following topics:

  • Residence Life events/information
  • Housing
  • Food Services
  • Other Student Affairs offices
  • Information of general interest to residence hall students

Please keep in mind that Stall Stories is not a marketing tool for outside agencies/businesses for solicitation or advertising purposes. We do not include submissions about selling something and we do not include anything regarding fundraising or group recruitment for individual groups.

Submit Content to Stall Stories

Space is limited and we are unable to include everything we receive. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and for overall content

To submit to Stall Stories, please note-

     Residence Life has worked closely with Student Affairs Marketing to ensure consistency of content from week to week, as well as accessibility for screen reading of our digital version. We ask that any content and links you send to be included in the Sway be sent in the following format for easy inclusion into the following week’s communication:  

1.       All material needs to be emailed to no later than NOON Friday for submissions to be included the in next week’s digital sway edition.   

2.       All images should be in jpeg format.  

3.       Additional content related to your event or resource should be checked for grammar.  

4.       Any links you provide should be checked for accuracy beforehand. In addition, any Zoom links should include passwords, if required.  


Here are some examples to consider to help make this process seamless as we create these print and digital versions of Stall Stories: 

1.       Accessibility is a concern for the University as a whole.  There are some easy steps to make SWAY accessible for our readers. If we are including images that have mostly text, we need to make sure that the actual content is included in a text element to accompany the image.   

·                     For example, screen readers cannot process text saved in a static image like a JPEG. Anyone with a visual impairment would not get any of that content. We can include the image as long as we have the other text with it or keep the image text free and use the text descriptor only. 

·                     For images that have too much text to duplicate (this is mostly the event submissions, etc.) we can include a link below the image to take users to find more information on a website.  

2.       Images that are being used need to have alternate text. Sway automatically uses the file name, but this is often not relative to the image or is not descriptive enough. Sway will read the file name of the image submitted as it is saved. Please take this into consideration as you name your files.   

3.       Links, especially now, need to be descriptive as to what they are. Screen readers get confused when there are a bunch of links on the same page with the same text, so it marks them as duplicates.  

·                     Instead of ‘CLICK HERE’ you could use ‘Click here to learn more about becoming an RA’.  

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