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Penn State received feedback on new students’ initial transition to Penn State. Administered in Fall 2017, the New Student Survey (NSS) asked students about the following aspects of their transition to the Penn State UP campus: overall impressions of Penn State, sense of connectedness to Penn State, preparedness for first semester at Penn State (social and academic progress), and familiarity with campus resources and academic requirements. Here are a few highlights from the results:

  • In general, students responded positively that they were satisfied with their experiences at Penn State, with 79.7% indicating either “somewhat satisfied” or “very satisfied.”
  • A vast majority of students (91.6%) said if they were starting college again, they would “probably” or “definitely” choose to attend Penn State.
  • Over half of the students (67.4%) reported feeling a strong sense of belonging at the University (compared to 71.7% in 2015), and 77.5% felt strongly that Penn State is a welcoming community.
  • Academically, a majority of students (84.9%) either “somewhat agreed” or “strongly agreed" that they were prepared for their first semester at Penn State. Moreover, results showed that 92.5% of students have set academic goals.
  • A majority of students (83.6%) “somewhat agreed” or “strongly agreed" that they were aware of the academic supports (e.g., Penn State Learning, libraries, etc.) available on campus.

For more information, visit the PULSE Archive Page to view or download the New Student Survey Report. 

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