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Our Mission

The Student Care & Advocacy Office provides Penn State students with the necessary tools and support to make difficult situations more manageable. When made aware of a student going through an unforeseen challenging circumstance, we engage in a good faith review of the information provided for a student who requires support across multiple units. We believe that managing complex student needs is best accomplished through a coordinated team effort and suggests a course of action that considers the needs of the individual in the context of available resources. Recommendations are guided by an ethic of care and attention to the safety and well-being of individuals and the campus community. Our approach is one of empowerment, encouraging students to maximize their educational experience and prepare for involvement in the larger community and life beyond college.

Our Goals

  1. Listen effectively, provide timely and accurate information, and encourage mutual respect throughout the process.
  2. Act in the best interests of students and provide them with information on the university's regulations and policies, which enhances their ability to navigate the university.
  3. Build relationships by treating each student as an individual and encouraging others to do the same.
  4. Strive to meet the needs of students by collaborating with other staff and faculty to offer alternatives and to resolve issues.
  5. Coordinate the response to crises and offer assistance to all affected family members and students.