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Opportunities to get involved

Faculty, staff, and students are able to work with the Office of Student Conduct in various volunteer capacities:

  • University Conduct Board members (faculty, staff, students)
  • Student Organization Conduct Committee panel members (students)
  • Administrative Hearing officers (faculty, staff)
  • Title IX panel members (faculty, staff)
  • Peer advisers through UPUA Conduct Advisors (students)
  • Conduct advisors (faculty, staff)

If you are interested in volunteering or you wish to recommend an individual to become a volunteer, please contact us at

Representation on University hearing boards and panels

There are separate hearing processes afforded respondents based on the type of case and/or the potential sanction(s).

Types of Hearings
  • The Administrative Hearing is an information hearing used in individual student cases where the possible sanction(s) falls below separation from the University. The hearing officer is a trained faculty or staff member.
  • The Student Organization Conduct Committee is similar to the Administrative Hearing in that it hears cases where the possible sanction(s) falls below loss of recognition; however, it is in relation to student organizations. Each Student Organization Conduct Committee consists of three students and can be a combination of undergraduates and graduates.
  • The University Conduct Board hearing is used in cases when a possible sanction is suspension, expulsion or loss of recognition (in the case of organizations) from the University. Each University Conduct Board shall have five members with at least one student serving as a member of the board at the discretion of the chair. Typically two students (either both undergraduate or one undergraduate and one graduate student) will be asked to serve as members of the board.
  • The Title IX Panel is used in cases related to Title IX allegations and is comprised of three faculty and staff members.
Minimum Requirements for Student Membership
  • Applicants cannot be on Conduct Probation or greater at the time of application or while serving as a board member, nor should applicants have a substantial conduct history
  • Student members of the University Conduct Board and Student Organization Conduct Committee will serve as members until graduation, resignation, removal for violation of Office of Student Conduct policy, or removal if deemed unfit by the Senior Director of Student Conduct
  • All students selected for membership must attend the core training, mock board sessions and shadow hearings
  • All students selected as a volunteer must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50; one semester of probationary status will be granted if a student falls below that CGPA but students will be dismissed after that period if they are unable to reach the 2.50 threshold
How to Apply
  • Students must complete the online application for consideration
  • Faculty and staff should complete the online volunteer form for consideration
  • The Office of Student Conduct assumes overall responsibility for training and advising the members of the different hearing bodies
  • Training includes a core training program, mock board sessions and shadowing hearings

Recruitment of new members to the University hearing boards and panels should occur in the fall or on a need-basis and be open to all undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, emeritus faculty, and staff at University Park.

Advisors within the Conduct Process

An advisor is any person selected by the respondent or complainant to assist and accompany them through the University conduct process (including Conferences, Administrative/Student Org Conduct Committee/University Conduct Board Hearings/Title IX Panels, Sanction Reviews, and formal Appeals). Parties may choose a trained advisors, a UPUA peer advisor, a non-trained advisor, or may choose to proceed without an advisor. 

The advisor, upon request of either party, may

  • accompany the party in any conduct proceeding,
  • advise the party in the preparation and presentation of sharing of information, and
  • advise the party in the preparation of any appeals or sanction reviews.

If you are interested in volunteering to be an advisor, contact us at

Student Advisers at University Park

University Park's Undergraduate Association (UPUA) Student Conduct Advisers is a student-run organization that works closely with the Office of Student Conduct. UPUA Student Conduct Advisers help students through issues with violations of the student code of conduct related to alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or academic integrity.

List of UPUA Student Conduct Advisers

314 HUB-Robeson Center
follow @UPUA_SCA on Twitter

Student Advisers at Commonwealth Campuses

For a campus location other than University Park, you may contact Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG), or consult the Office of Student Conduct Designee List.

Penn State Council of Commonwealth Student Governments

312 HUB-Robeson Center
University Park, PA 16801
Phone: 814-863-0697

Faculty & Staff Conduct Advisers

If you are a faculty or staff member and are interested in becoming an adviser or you wish to recommend an individual to become an adviser, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at

List of Faculty & Staff Conduct Advisers

Graduate Student Internships

Opportunities exist for 10 to 20 hour-per-week internships for graduate students in the Office of Student Conduct. Typically, student interns are working toward graduate degrees in college student affairs, higher education, counseling, or a related field. Interns may conduct conferences with students and participate in outreach and other special projects. For more information, please contact