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What to Expect at Graduate and Professional School Week

Be prepared for the fair by understanding what to expect.

  • Crowds
    This event brings hundreds of students interested in meeting with both domestic and international schools. Be patient and understand that there will be time for you to ask your questions and get information.

  • Cancellations
    Check the addendum at Student Registration for updated cancellations or additions.

  • Coat Check
    There will be a location for you to leave items at your own risk. Bags cannot be checked and must be carried with you.

  • Available Help
    Need some help at the fair? Look for Career Services staff in blue polos to ask questions.


How to be Successful

Understanding how to be successful at Graduate and Professional School Week is key in helping you navigate the event.

  • Know your audience

    • Who is the representative (e.g., alumni, admissions representative, faculty)?

    • What is the representative's role?

  • Network with faculty and staff

  • Gather information

    • Ask questions to supplement online research completed before fair

  • Make a positive impression

    • Dress professionally

    • Know how to introduce yourself

    • Smile and make eye contact

    • Listen carefully

    • Ask at least 1 question

What to Bring
  • It's always smart to bring a writing utensil and take notes while or after you speak with recruiters. Ask questions about programs, deadlines, and more.

  • Resumes are not expected. Most programs have an online application form that requires items such as a personal statement, entrance exam results, and financial aid information.

What to Wear
  • Applying to graduate or professional school usually involves an interview at a later date. Recruiters do not expect you to be dressed professionally at this fair.