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Building Your Brand

Developing marketing materials is a key step in the job search process. These materials create a picture of who you are and are used to effectively communicate what you can offer to a potential employer or graduate school. Both on paper and digitally, your brand consists of all materials and profiles that convey who you are as a professional.

It is incredibly important to have your materials reviewed before using them in a professional setting. Meet with a career counselor to review, ask questions, and make sure that your brand is complete and effective.


The resume is the first piece in building your marketing materials and your professional brand. You have the experience, accomplishments, and skills; the resume is the tool to communicate your brand to the audiences you want to reach, such as employers, award committees, or graduate schools.

Cover Letter

Show that you are much more than your resume with a well-written cover letter. Use the cover letter as a way to convey your interest in a position and to highlight the unique qualities or experiences to make you stand out from the pack.


Used to give a first-hand account of your skills and professionalism, a reference offers a way to highlight your achievements and lend credibility to your marketing materials.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

More extensive than a resume, a curriculum vitae is used when advanced degrees or research are involved. Typically used for those searching for career opportunities after graduate school.

Have your marketing materials reviewed.
Nothing is better for your professional brand than excellent materials. Connect with a career counselor to go over your resume, cover letter, and more to make sure you're ready to apply.
Meet with a career counselor.
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