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A career counselor can help you craft your correspondence if you need guidance. Make sure to have your letter reviewed to make sure you communicate clearly and effectively.

These forms of communication take the form of traditional mail or email.

This can be used when you are interested in obtaining experience with a specific organization but cannot find available posted positions.

  • State why you are interested in working for that organization.
  • Demonstrate the skills you possess that could benefit the organization.
  • Outline an action plan. Ask for an interview or indicate when and how you will follow-up

This type of letter should be used if you know someone who is recommending you apply for a specific position.

  • Make the connection between you and the reader.
  • Include the networking contact and their job title.
  • Indicate why and how that contact is recommending you apply for the position.

Thank you letters should be used immediately after an interview to express thanks for the opportunity.

  • Address the individual specifically.
  • Use the letter to express your continued interest in the position and organization.
  • Supply any additional information that was requested at the time of your site visit or interview.
  • Offer you contact information and your willingness to connect in the future to discuss the opportunity.

Often an organization will formally accept a job offer in writing for their records.

  • Tailor your message and never use a sample letter to avoid sounding insincere.
  • Address those who interviewed you specifically.
  • State why you are accepting the offer.
  • Include some details about what impressed you about the organization and the opportunity.

This letter is appropriate when you are withdrawing your consideration for a position or are rejecting the offer made by the organization.

  • Address the individual you have connected with specifically.
  • Turn down the offer or site visit graciously.
  • Thank them for their consideration or offer.
  • Briefly state why you are declining without being too personal or offering too many details.

Do not be discouraged if you receive a rejection letter notifying you that the position is no longer available. It is important to keep all networking avenues open and to respond professionally.

  • Acknowledge receipt of the rejection letter.
  • Thank the interviewer for considering you as a candidate.
  • State what you enjoyed about the position or organization.
  • Indicate your interest in additional opportunities that may become available.
  • Always be professional in your response.


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