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Due to the University closure, most Student Affairs offices and buildings are closed. Before visiting, please confirm offices are operating. Most virtual appointments and events are still being held. For information on specific buildings and services, please visit our campus closure information page


Research and Technology at CAPS

The field of mental health care (counseling, psychiatry, and administration) is based on more than a century of research efforts aimed at understanding people, identifying mental health concerns, and developing treatments that work. CAPS not only draws from this research to provide the best care to our students -- but also actively contributes through internal research efforts such as annual internal evaluations (e.g., our client satisfaction survey), support of outside research projects within CAPS, and participation/leadership in national research efforts. Technology is infused throughout our center including such areas as clinical training, scheduling and filing, treatment, and research.

Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH)

CCMH is a national counseling center effort to standardize the data gathered in counseling centers and to build a technological research infrastructure for counseling centers. Learn more about CCMH.

Other Research Information:

Conducting Research at Counseling & Psychological Services

Proposals must be submitted two months prior to the semester you wish to conduct research and must include the following:

  1. One complete copy of your Application for the Use Human Subjects from the Penn State Office for Research Protections. Be sure to include one copy of all attachments (informed consent, research instruments, etc.).
  2. A copy of the Approval of Submission letter from the Institutional Review Board.
  3. A one-page document that addresses the following:
    • How will your study contribute to the field, specifically in counseling centers?
    • What is the requested involvement of CAPS staff AND clients?
    • Do you plan to share your results with CAPS staff and clients?

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your proposal:

  • Quality and impact of the study.
  • Clarity of application materials and research procedures.
  • Impact on CAPS resources (staff, labor, space, time, etc.).
  • Impact on CAPS clients (intrusiveness, time, etc.).
  • Adherence to established ethical principles and procedures.

Please forward completed proposals to:

Attn: Brett E. Scofield, Ph.D, Associate Director, Operations
Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
501 Student Health Center Building
University Park, PA 16802

CAPS approval is contingent on prior approval from the Penn State Office for Research Protections. 

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501 Student Health Center
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