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What is a Family Ambassador?

Family Ambassadors are undergraduate student volunteers at the University Park campus who serve as student liaisons between the Parents Program office and Penn State parents and families at large, assist in routine office tasks, and assist with key parent and family programming throughout the year.

    Family Ambassador Application
    The Parents Program is seeking passionate student leaders for its Family Ambassador Program. Family Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Parents Program office and Penn State parents and families, assist in routine office tasks, and are crucial in the execution of Parents & Families Weekend, Fall Arrival, and other events.
    Apply now through November 11, 2020

    Responsibilities of Family Ambassadors include:

    • Serve as a team member and representative of the Parents Program and Penn State
    • Work collaboratively alongside  the Parents Council and Parent Ambassadors
    • Participate in Parents Program annual events, including but not limited to Parents and Families Weekend and New Student Arrival
    • Serve as a knowledgeable resource to parents and families about Penn State using relevant personal experiences in a professional manner
    • Work collaboratively within a team of fellow student leaders

    Additional Expectations

    • Passion for Penn State
    • Positive role model
    • Warm, supportive, and enthusiastic attitude
    • Ability to work comfortably with diverse populations
    • Knowledge of the University’s structures, supports, and resources
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Willingness to learn

    Time Commitment

    • Term: January – November
    • Attendance at biweekly meetings during the spring and fall semesters
    • Requirement of 4 volunteer hours per month
    • Additional requirement of 6-10+ volunteer hours during Parents and Families Weekend
    • Preference is that ambassadors will be in State College for the summer but is not necessary to apply or be accepted


    • Great resume builder!
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Networking opportunities with other student leaders, Penn State Student Affairs staff, Parent Council members, and Parent Ambassadors
    • Personal and professional development
    • Gain teamwork and communication skills
    • Meal cards during events and other meals throughout the year
    • T-shirt

    Application Timeline

    • Applications are open now until November 11, 2020

    Family Ambassadors

    Bella Bulone
    Class of 2021, Marketing & Psychology
    Campus Involvement: Grass Roots and Game Day Intern, Intramural Volleyball
    “My family has made my Penn State experience so special. My parents have enriched it by staying involved with Penn State. They frequently send me interesting articles to keep me informed and send me opportunities on campus that I didn’t find on my own. They have been a great help and resource for me these past two years.”
    Bella Bulone Photo
    Dhruv Garg
    Class of 2022, Computer Science with minors in Engineering Leadership and Development and Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
    Campus Involvement: Associate board (Liaison) for International Student’s Council Penn State; Programming board Blue and White Society; Freshstartpsu Liaison; Engineering Undergraduate Council.
    “Today it gives me an immense pleasure to step back in front of people and thank my family to support me to pursue my higher education here at Penn state. Family for me always comes first as they never fail to keep me on my track to achieve success by giving me constant motivation and support. Today I stand out as a more confident and holistically developed individual in front of people around me as Penn state has given me so much. From here I want to begin a journey where I can achieve even more heights throughout my life.”
    Photo of Dhruv
    Michael Grogan
    Class of 2023, Industrial Engineering
    “I love working with people of all different backgrounds and upbringings. I come from a family of four consisting of my dad, mom and younger brother. My family is one of the most important things in my life and I understand the massive changes that comes along with sending a member to college. I would not be in the position I am today without my family, so I am extremely excited to be able to help other families adjust to their new lives.”
    Photo of Michael
    Devin McClain
    Class of 2022, Nursing
    Campus involvement: Anatomy and Physiology Teaching Assistant, Member of the Student Nurses Association of Penn State (SNAPS), Member of the College of Nursing Green Team, Member of Eclipse Thon Organization.
    “I love Penn State and consider it my home! My dad went here and it brings me so much joy to see his pride in being a PSU alum and dad. I hope through speaking to families I can share this pride and relay the importance of staying involved with their child’s life at Penn State.”
    Photo of Devin
    Natalie Sites
    Class of 2021, Aerospace Engineering
    Campus Involvement: Society of Women Engineers, Sailplane, Undergraduate Researcher, Global Engineering Fellow
    Photo of Natalie
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