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Recognized Student Organization Events

The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement is committed to helping student organizations plan and implement successful programs that enhance the out-of-classroom experience for all students at University Park.

Be sure you plan ahead and take time to complete Event Registration in 25Live, Program Registration and the Contracting Process.  

Program Registration

Program registration is a required process for all events that must occur after the event is registered in 25Live. The purpose of this process is to help students understand various aspects involved in planning events, to provide helpful tips, to review all requirements, and answer any questions related to program planning. 

Below you will find information on how to complete the event registration. Once this is complete, you may schedule your meeting with your Program Registration Advisor at this booking link.

25Live Facility Requests

An online facility request must be submitted by going to College Net/25 Live if the organization is planning an event in the following locations on campus: 

  • HUB-Robeson Center 
  • Outdoor Space 
  • General purpose classrooms/academic spaces 
  • Oak Building 
  • Residence Life 
  • Pasquerilla Spiritual Center 
Event Types with Examples

When registering your event in 25Live it is important to select the appropriate Event Type. This ensures that we receive the correct information in preparation for your Program Registration meeting. The below table will provide our Event Types with some of our more common examples. If you have questions about your event, please reach out to

Event Type Event Example
Art/Research Exhibit Poster session displaying research projects, art show
Ballooning Request to display balloons or balloon arches at a pre-approved location
Banner Spot Request to hang a large banner at a pre-approved location
Banquet/Reception/Ceremony Award ceremony or end of semester/year celebration banquet
Clinic/Blood Drive Flu shot clinic, blood drive
Competition/Tournament E-Sports, dance competition, science olympiad
Concert Large scale music performance including professional production with guest artist or band
Conference/Retreat Executive board team building, large meeting with multiple breakout or educational sessions
Cultural Event Holi, Lunar New Year, Mega Shabbat
Dance/Formal Formal or social dance such as prom
Date Auction Date auction, "romantic" or social speed dating event
Debate/Forum Town hall or political debate
5K/Triathlon 5K run/walk, rock for a cure
Fundraiser Pie in the face, raffle, game of skill, THON tabling
General Body Meeting Internal club meeting
Guest Speaker(s) Anyone from outside of your organization, paid or unpaid, speaking
HUB Poster Spot Request to hang a poster in the HUB pre-approved locations promoting your upcoming event or org
Information Table Tabling event at one of the HUB tables, ticket sales, organization promotion, event promotion
Interview Internal club leadership interviews
Memorial Service/Vigil 9/11 Memorial, Veteran's Day service, rally
Movie/Film Showing a movie/film
Performance Dance showcase, theater performance, a capella show, student/solo/coffee house style performance
Photo/Video Shoot Professional headshots, composites
Practice/Rehearsal/Audition Dance practice or theater rehearsal
Recruitment/Networking Event designed to get to know each other (game night, karaoke, PowerPoint night), career fair, 'Meet the' XYZ members
Special Event Carnival/fair style event with inflatables
Study Session/Review Club required study hall
Training/Workshop/Orientation Master class, guest artist, new member training or education, first aid/CPR training
Virtual Any event taking place on a virtual platform such as Zoom
Worship Service Religious service


Campus Recreation Facility Requests

When requesting a Campus Recreation space in 25Live, be sure to choose Campus Rec I, II, or III for location selection. Please specify the actual location of the event in the comment section of the reservation. 

Off Campus Events Requesting UPAC Funds

Any off-campus event utilizing or requesting University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) funding must be registered in 25Live. Please choose Off Campus I, II, or III for location selection and specify the actual location of the event in the comment section of the reservation.  

Registering a 5K in 25Live

When registering for a 5K in 25Live, you must select the 5K resource option to secure your event. Please note that only one 5K is permitted per day and you may not host a 5K on a home football weekend. 

Contracting Process

Contracts (University Standard Agreements) must be used whenever an organization/department is requesting a service from a 3rd party vendor (ex: DJ, Band, Comedian, Lecture, Sound Company) or whenever an organization is selling anything on consignment on Penn State property. Should you receive a contract or agreement from the artist or vendor, be sure to share this information with the program registration advisor during your meeting.  NEVER sign any agreement/contract without talking to a program registration advisor first.  

If a program is going to be held off-campus (on non-University property) you may not use the University Standard Agreement. However, in order to process payment to the vendor or artist, the organization should have some form of written agreement between both parties (i.e. an invoice).  

All contracting must begin a minimum of  30 academic days prior to the date of the program. Details regarding this process can be found below. 

Issuing a Contract
  1. Register your event in 25Live
  2. Schedule your Program Registration meeting at this booking link. Your program registration advisor will discuss program elements that require a contract and may be able to issue the agreement during that meeting. If you are requesting UPAC funds, need more information about the contracted services or vendor, or need to speak with a different advisor, you may be asked to schedule a follow-up meeting with a Contract Advisor.
  3. Your Program Registration Advisor/Contract Advisor will issue your University Agreement(s). 
  4. Complete Contract(s). Steps to complete a fully executed contract can be found in the next accordion.  
Completing a Contract
  1. Sponsor (student organization) emails a copy of the contract to the artist/vendor for signature. During this step, the sponsor will communicate with the vendor/artist that they will need to Become a Supplier. This step must be completed for the University to successfully process payment for the service provided. The artist/vendor may will then scan the signed agreement and e-mail it back to the student organization.  
  2. Sponsor (student organization) obtains the signature of an officer of the organization (usually the President or Treasurer) on all contracts needed. The Treasurer must complete and sign the 1099 Check Request Form (This form will be used when paying an LLC, honoraria and/or individual) and/or the Check Request Form (This form will be used when paying an incorporated company) as ASA (Associated Student Activities Office) will not accept any other signatures.  The Treasurer, or authorized delegate, must obtain a Purchase Order from ASA and have the contract stamped. 
  3. Sponsor obtains the Facility Manager signature on all contracts. Most often obtained in 125 HUB. If an event reservation is not managed by the HUB, signature needs to be obtained from another building representative (check front of contract for the “Location of Engagement” to determine.) However, if you are hosting a virtual event on a PSU Zoom platform, a Facility Manager Signature is not needed.  
  4. Sponsor obtains the Authorized University Signature on all contracts. To obtain this final signature, the completed contract with all supporting documents (i.e. 1099 Check Request Form or Check Request Form, NEI form, and the Purchase Order from ASA) must be turned into 209 HUB.  

Once all signatures have been obtained: 

  • One original contract is retained for University records. 
  • Sponsor is responsible for returning a copy of the original agreement to the artist/vendor. 
Important Notes for Contracting Process
  • The Non-Employee Information form is required anytime payment is being made to an individual. Other documentation may be required if payment is being made to a non-U.S. citizen. 
  • In some instances, it may take up to 21 business days from the day of your event for payment to be processed.  Please plan accordingly. 
  • If an event is held on campus and the vendor/artist is not requesting payment, a University contract is still required. 
  • If hosting a virtual event on a Penn State Zoom platform, the zoom link must be provided when the contract is being turned into 209 HUB. 
  • If your organization is using a contract that will need to be routed to Purchasing for further review, Purchasing requires a minimum of 10 academic days prior to the event for full review of a contract. If a contract is not reviewed, signed, and returned to 209 HUB before the event, the event cannot happen.  
  • If your event will be University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) funded, you must meet with your Program Registration Advisor prior to submitting your budget. If the event will require contracts, notification will be made within your allocation letter to prompt the scheduling of a meeting with a Contract Advisor. Contracts will not be issued prior to funds being secured in your Associated Student Activities (ASA) account.  
Contract Deadline for a UPAC Funded Program

All UPAC funded program requests must be submitted at least 40 academic days prior to the date of the experience. Navigate to the day you plan to hold your program using the first column, “Date of Event.” The date listed in the second column, “UPAC Submission Deadline” will give you the deadline for your budget submission. The date listed in the third column, "Contract Submission Deadline," refers to the date your organization will need to have your completed contract submitted to HUB 209. 

Contract Deadline for a Non-UPAC Funded Program

All non-UPAC funded programs must start the contract process at least 30 academic days prior to event date. Navigate to the day you plan to hold your program using the first column, “Date of Event.” The date listed in the second column, “Begin Contract Process By” will indicate the last day in which you are able to begin the contracting process. The date listed in the third column, "Contract Submission Deadline," refers to the date your organization will need to have your completed contract submitted to HUB 209. 

Small Games of Chance

On November 27, 2013, Governor Corbett signed into law Act 90 and Act 92 of 2013 respectively. Act 92 relates more to the general amendments to local small games of chance law. Many of the changes relate to the operation of the type of game and to prize limits. Both laws took effect on January 27, 2014. 

Below you will find information about policies and procedures that student organizations must follow in order to comply with this law.  For additional information please visit the Centre County Government website.

Process to Run a Small Game of Chance
  1. Reserve appropriate venue through CollegeNet/25Live
  2. Schedule an appointment with a program registration advisor.  You may also complete step 3 below simultaneously. 
  3. Complete a Small Games of Chance Application.   The application must be notarized, so please do not sign the application in prior to going to the notary.  Notary services for this application are available free of charge at the Willowbank Office Building (420 Holmes Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823), as well as in the HUB-Robeson Center notary offices.  
  4. The following documents must be submitted with the application to the County Treasurer Office at 420 Holmes St., Bellefonte, PA, 16823, 814-355-6810. Please contact them to verify application materials required.  
    1. A letter verifying you are a recognized student organization as well as providing your organization advisor’s name and email address. This can be obtained through the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement in 103 HUB or by email at
    2. A current Membership roster with address and/or phone numbers and email for all members. 
    3. A check or money order for the license fee.  There are two types of licenses an organization may purchase. 
      • A regular license is an annual license, and the term runs for a calendar year from the date of issuance. The fee for an annual license is $125. 
      • A monthly license is valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of issuance. There is no restriction on the number of monthly licenses an eligible organization may obtain, but the licenses may not overlap. The fee for a monthly license is $25. 
      • If a prize is valued over $2000, you will also need to obtain a special raffle permit which costs an additional $25. 
    4. If it is the first time your organization is applying for a small games of chance license, a copy of the constitution, and bylaws. 


  1. If hosting a raffle, you must fill out the Ticket Request Form. Scan and email the Ticket Request Form and your Small Games of Chance License to Book a ticketing consultation appointment with HUB Marketing and they will work with you to customize your tickets.  
  2. A Small Games of Chance Prize Form must be submitted to the Associated Student Activities (ASA) office within 5 business days of the close of the game for any prizes awarded valued over $600.  The form must include the name, address, and social security number of the winner so the University can issue a W-2G form as required by law at the end of the year. 
  3. A copy of the Small Games of Chance license should be submitted to Please be sure to reference the 25Live confirmation number. 
Important Notes for Small Game of Chance
  1. A prize for a single chance in any game may not exceed $2000 unless a special raffle permit is obtained. 

  1. No prizes may exceed $5000 due to Penn State’s ability to ensure proper tax compliance for prizes over $5000. 

  1. Student organizations which do not follow the proper procedures for recording and/or reporting small games of chance activity may be referred to the Student Organization Conduct Committee and disciplinary sanctions may be given. 

  1. Failure to comply with the Local Options for Small Games of Chance Act may result in civil penalties and/or suspension or revocation of your license. 

Below are helpful links for student organizations and student event planners. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Program Registration Coordinator at or 814-865-9273.

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