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Reregistration Questions and Answers

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Reregistration Process for Student Organizations. If your question is not answered below, please reach out to and we will be able to assist you.

When is the Re-Registration Deadline?
  • Annual RSO Re-Registration is due at the END of the Spring Semester and is completed on OrgCentral.
How do I access the Re-Registration process?
  • For ACTIVE Status RSOs:  Login to OrgCentral and find your group in the list and click the Re-Register button. Follow all instructions to successfully submit your Re-Registration for review.
  • For FROZEN Status RSOs:  Login to OrgCentral > Click the three lines in the upper left corner > Scroll down to your org> Click the gear icon > Choose "Manage Home" > Re-Register button.
What do I need for the Re-Registration process?
  • List of Fall Officers- please include emails for each officer
  • Org Profile Photo
  • General Info about group
  • Info on external websites
  • Address info ONLY if your group own’s property off-campus
How do I check my Re-Registration status?

If you aren’t sure if you submitted your registration, you can check by: 

  • Login to OrgCentral
  • Click on your initials (or photo) in the upper right corner 
  • Click “My Submissions” 
  • Navigate to “Organization Registrations” 
  • Here you can see all your submissions. If you submitted it, it will say either “Pending”, “Approved”, or “Denied”. If it wasn’t submitted, it will say “In Progress” 
  • To submit, click on the “eye” icon to the right of the submission. Here, you can click “Submit” 
My Re-Registration was denied. How do I fix it?
  • Please follow the directions in the submission comment you received.  If you’re not sure what to fix, email us at
My Re-Registration was Approved, now what?
  • Be sure your new officers login and accept/confirm/show their positions
  • Officers will need to complete required Trainings in the Fall semester to become Active.  We will contact those officers this summer.
  • If you are with a Club Sport, FSL, or Dance/Physical Activity Org, there will be additional forms/trainings that will be communicated to your new officers closer to the fall
I missed the deadline to Re-Register. What do I do?
I just Re-Registered my organization, but the new members and officers aren’t showing up. Why is that?
  • After re-registration, invitations are sent to new officers and members of your organization. They must accept their invitation in order to be shown on the roster. New officers and members can either check their PSU email for the invitation or login to OrgCental and “Pending Invitations” can be seen under “My Membership” on the home page 
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