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Student Organization Policies & Maintaining Recognition

There are many policies and procedures student organization leaders need to be aware of depending on the organization's activities.

Every recognized student organization president receives the President's Listserv email every week, which will keep organizations updated as to important upcoming events and announcements.

Requirements to Maintain Active Status

The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement is committed to supporting student organizations with a smooth transition from year to year. The office is available for virtual or in-person meetings to help walk through the steps of maintaining recognition, including re-registration through OrgCentral. In order for your organization to remain active with the University, there are several requirements:

  • Update your officer and membership information via your Student Organization’s OrgCentral page through re-registration. When managing your organization in OrgCentral, if you have not re-registered, you will see a blue button that will walk you through the process. If your organization does not have this option, you have re-registered for this year and have completed this step. This must be completed by the last day of the Spring Semester ahead of the following academic year.
  • Attend Mandatory Officer Training - All Mandatory Officer Training will takes place via Canvas Module and needs to be completed by September 15, 2023 in order to remain in active status.

Do you have specific questions regarding the re-registration process in OrgCentral? Check out this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to get your questions answered.

Special Requirements for Dance and Physical Activity Organizations

If your organization is categorized as a Dance or Physical Activity organization, there are additional requirements to maintaining yearly recognition. These requirements must be completed by September 30, 2023 in order to remain in active status. For Newly Forming Organizations, the following must be completed within the New Organization Process Timeline:

  • Always retain a safety officer(s) (must be students)
  • Always retain an instructor(s) (must be students)
    • Safety Officer(s) and Instructor(s) must maintain Adult CPR/AED and Standard First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or Emergency Care and Safety Institute. Online certifications will be accepted but only from the American Red Cross.
  • Submit the following forms to the Office of Student Activities through OrgCentral:

Please reach out to the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement at with any questions regarding the requirements above.