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Mandatory Officer Training  

All recognized student organizations are required to participate in the Mandatory Officer Training Course on Canvas.  During these modules, University staff will provide important new and/or updated policies and procedures. Students may now self-enroll in the Mandatory Officer Training on Canvas

Requirements for Mandatory Officer Trainings

In order to be compliant in trainings, organizations must:  

  • Have the President complete the President module 
  • Have the Treasurer complete the Treasurer module 
  • Have any member (ideally an officer) attend two out of the following three modules: 
    • Where is the Money: Funding and Fundraising 
    • Best Practices for Student Organization Event Planning 
    • Stand Out from the Crowd: Marketing Strategies 
  • Have the officers and members who complete the training listed on the roster in OrgCentral 

If an organization does not complete the required modules prior to September 30, they will become Frozen. To get off Frozen status, organizations will need to complete the trainings in which they didn’t complete prior to the deadline. Questions can be sent to