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Card Swipe Access Request for HUB-Robeson Center

Please see below for information about card swipe access to student organization office spaces.

  • The form must be filled out by the PRESIDENT only.
  • In order to assign card swipe access to student organization members, the student organization president must fill out the Card Swipe Access Request form.
  • All HUB-Robeson Center office space card swipe access is cleared in late June or early July of every year. It is the responsibility of the student organization president to submit a full list of all student organization members that need office space card swipe access for the next year at any time during the summer.  Those will be added starting in July.
  • Throughout the year, if you need to grant access to additional student organization members, please add the new members to the original list and BOLD their names and information. 
  • If you need card swipe access removed for certain members, highlight their names and information in the Color Red
  • The form can only be completed electronically; no handwritten forms will be accepted.
  • The form needs to be sent from your official Penn State email address. No forms from outside email addresses will be accepted. 
  • Email completed form to


HUB-Robeson Center
University Park, PA 16802

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