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Training and Development

We are here to help support your student organization and the work that you are doing. We have a variety of programs and resources available to student organization leaders and members. Students can learn more about themselves as leaders, how to more effectively manage their student organization, and how to work well with others.

Student Organization Consultants

Student Organization Consultants are student leaders that provide engaging workshops for organizations on topics, such as team building, communication, problem-solving, and group dynamics. They also provide consultations for newly forming organizations.

If your organization would like a custom workshop by the Student Organization Consultants, please use the request form below. Workshops are available for any size organization and any group within the organization, including new members, executive boards, and emerging leaders.

For newly forming organizations, a consultation can be requested through the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement at At this consultation, students will be able to receive step-by-step guidance on the recognition process and constitution creation.

Mandatory Officer Training  

All recognized student organizations are required to participate in the Mandatory Officer Training Course on Canvas.  During these modules, University staff will provide important new and/or updated policies and procedures. 

Requirements for Mandatory Officer Training

Recognized Student Organization officers are required to complete the following workshops:  

  • President completes Executive Leadership
  • Treasurer completes Financial Management 1 & 2 
  • Event Planner completes Event Planning & Marketing
  • All 3 officers complete RSO 101, Hazing & Harassment Prevention, Inclusion & Belonging 
  • Officers must be listed in correct positions on OrgCental for credit to count
Workshop Title Officer to Complete Type of RSO Format Frequency
RSO 101 President, Treasurer, Event Planner General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate Canvas 1 time ever
Hazing Prevention President, Treasurer, Event Planner General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate (Club Sports/OFSL complete separate training) Canvas Annual
Inclusion & Belonging President, Treasurer, Event Planner General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate Canvas Annual
Executive Leadership President General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate Canvas 1 time ever
Financial Mgmt.1 Treasurer General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate, Club Sports Canvas Annual
Financial Mgmt.2 Treasurer General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate Canvas 1 time ever
Event Planning Event Planner General, Dance/Phys, Affiliate Canvas Annual

If an organization does not complete the required modules prior to September 15, the organization will become Frozen. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

Online Meetings and Events: Technology and Safety

Much of what student organizations are doing is in the online space.  Penn State provides all students access to the video communications platforms, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.  While these resources are very convenient, it is important to ensure they are used in a way that maintains safety for all participants. In order to keep your online meetings and events running smoothly and safely, review how you can set up your online spaces using the platforms’ many safety measures including waiting rooms and passcodes as well as requiring Penn State authentication.   

Penn State’s Office of Information Security has comprehensive guides to help: 

If you are hosting a zoom that is disrupted, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement immediately.  Someone from that office will immediately contact University Police.