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The Freshstart® Program

The Freshstart® Program is a free, four-week program to help students quit smoking and/or vaping. The program, offered by Health Promotion and Wellness, is facilitated by a health educator who has been trained by the American Cancer Society.

Each week, a new module helps students address a different aspect of the quitting process, including learning stress management techniques, what to do when a craving strikes, controlling your weight while quitting, learning about resources for Pharmco therapy, and much more. Students are also encouraged to build a support system throughout the program to help guide their journey to becoming nicotine-free.

The Freshstart® Program is free to all Penn State students.

Begin Your Journey
For additional information, or to schedule your first appointment, contact Health Promotion and Wellness at 814-863-0461, or schedule online through myUHS.

    Additional Nicotine Cessation Resources at Penn State

    University Health Services offers individual consultation to students who wish to quit smoking or vaping. Consultations are facilitated by a health care provider during a regular medical exam.

    • During your appointment, you will be encouraged to set a quit date in writing.
    • If the clinician believes additional assistance is necessary, he or she may suggest various cessation products available through the University Health Services pharmacy
    • There is a basic exam fee for the appointment, as well as for cessation products. Please inquire with University Health Services for more information.
    • Schedule an appointment

    National Nicotine Cessation Resources