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Our workshops, hosted by HealthWorks peer educators, cover a wide variety of health-related topics and are available free of charge to on-campus student groups. We are happy to attend student club, organization, or residence floor meetings to speak to your group.

Our programs include:

Alcohol Workshop (60 minutes)

Get the facts about BAC, standard drinks, and high-risk drinking. Learn strategies to stay safe and reduce negative outcomes of drinking.

Got Sleep? (50 minutes)

Make getting adequate sleep a priority! Learn how sleep impacts academic success, health, and well-being and leave with tips to improve your sleep to help you feel energized.

How to Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder (90 minutes)

Close friends play a significant role in guiding and supporting others.  In many cases, individuals with eating disorders cannot recognize a need for help in themselves, but a strong, caring friend can make a difference (NEDA).  Learn about steps to talk to a friend who may have an eating disorder, learn about the resources available on campus, and learn ways to foster a body positive environment.

Live Well, Learn Well (10-15 minutes)

This brief workshop offers an introduction to free health promotion programs and services available to you on campus. You will learn about a range of initiatives designed to help you engage in healthy eating, better sleep, less stress, and physical activity.  Learn how you can enhance your well-being and contribute to your academic success at Penn State. 

Mission: Nutrition (50 minutes)

Boost your nutrition knowledge! Learn how to create a balanced plate and distinguish nutrition fact from fiction. Free samples of healthy snacks will be provided.

Safer Sex Party (50 minutes)

Make your sexual health a priority! Learn how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. Free safer sex materials will be provided.

Stress Less (50 minutes)

Feeling overwhelmed by school, work, and life? Chill out by learning some easy relaxation exercises and healthy strategies for coping with stress.

To schedule a workshop, please submit the HealthWorks Workshop Form at least two weeks in advance. A member of the HealthWorks team will be in touch with you shortly.