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University Health Services Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department welcomes students who are certified as Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics to become EMS volunteers. The EMS department is responsible for all emergency medical services on the University Park Campus. EMS operates the University Ambulance Service and coordinates emergency medical coverage for nearly 600 special events at University Park and in the surrounding State College community each year. These events welcome over 1.6 million guests to the area annually.

Students interested in volunteering with the Emergency Medical Services department should visit the University Ambulance Service Volunteer page for more detailed information or to submit an application.


Incoming student volunteer EMTs are scheduled during day or night ambulance shifts, alongside regular crew members, for training and orientation. Students fill various company officer positions and receive leadership training as part of their service experience.

For EMT training opportunities, please visit our webpage.

Paid Positions

Volunteers who have completed the EMT orientation program may become eligible to apply for regular, paid positions with University Ambulance Service and special events crew positions. These are part-time positions with University Health Services EMS department. Applications are accepted from EMTs, and Paramedics who are current Penn State students; have completed the University Ambulance Service volunteer training program; and hold certifications in CPR, AED, EVOC, and HAZMAT.


Students not currently certified as Pennsylvania EMTs who wish to become certified are encouraged to explore local training opportunities. Penn State offers the EMT course (KINES 403) each semester.

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