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When you're having a problem with your roommate or landlord and living off campus, it can feel overwhelming. Off-Campus Student Support help you find a resource that can assist you.

Here are a few of the more common resources students use:


Centre Region Code Enforcement can inspect a rental unit for structural conditions, maintenance, health, and safety. They can be reached at 814-238-2633

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Attorney General's office investigates consumer complaints. The Attorney General's office does not have to act on any complaint you make. If you make a complaint to the Attorney General's office, it will help them identify trends, and, if they identify a trend, they may investigate further.


Mediation is a form of dispute resolution. It requires that both parties willingly come to the table to discuss the dispute. If the parties are willing to participate, mediation has a high success rate. Mediation can help preserve relationships, is more private that using the court system, and allows for creative solutions.

If one party to the dispute is a Penn State, University Park student, the University offers free mediation services through the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response. The Center for Alternatives in Community Justice is a local non-profit that offers mediation services on a sliding fee scale, based on ability to pay.


For legal information to help you take a case to court yourself, try This website compiles information from legal services agencies across the state and is geared towards self-help litigants.

Penn State's Student Legal Services offers free referrals, advice, or consultation to Penn State, University Park and Commonwealth Campus students. Note that this office can only provide referrals in situations where another Penn State student is an adverse party.

The Centre County Bar Association offers a listing of local private attorneys organized by practice area.


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