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Living with a roommate is a great experience, but it's not always easy.

Living with a roommate helps you learn more about yourself and about how to communicate and relate effectively to others. Knowing how to assert yourself and how to empathize with others are valuable skills in all relationships - family, social, school, and work.

Whether you were friends before moving in or met for the first time when you became roommates, living together successfully takes compromise and cooperation. Don't expect that your roommate will be your best friend- it's nice when it happens, but it's not the norm. Building a positive relationship is a process; it does not happen overnight and takes effort.

Tips for a successful relationship with your roommate

  • Discuss important issues from sleep habits to views about sex and alcohol.
  • Compromise. Practice the art of give and take.
  • Try to understand the struggles your roommate may be experiencing.
  • See things from your roommate's perspective. It may be very different from your own.
  • Respect one another.

Resolving Roommate Conflict

Many problems can be resolved through honest, direct communication with your roommate. But when the going gets rough, you and your roommate are not alone. Ask your resident assistant/community assistant or your residence hall coordinator to help you arrive at solutions. A third party can often assist in helping you and your roommate to see things more clearly.