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All classes will be held online beginning on March 16 and continuing through the duration of the spring semester. All on-campus student-sponsored events and activities during this time will be canceled. Students are strongly discouraged from returning to campus or off-campus residences during this time. More information on Penn State News

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Student Organization Advisors

Student Organization advisors are vital to a student organization's success. The value advisors add to student organizations can be immeasurable at times. Advisors provide valuable guidance, a historical perspective, and a true passion for what their student organization provides for Penn State's campus life.

The Office of Student Activities provides several resources and programs to better prepare student organization advisors for their role. Our hope is that advisors interact with organization leaders regularly, attend executive meetings, attend a few programs, and serve as a liaison between the university and the students. The advising experience can be very rewarding and advisors can have a lasting impression on students.

Advisor Resources

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Advisor Resources