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We're here to support you throughout your Penn State journey. Whether you are looking for academic or career-related resources, health and wellness support, assistance with basic needs, legal guidance, or something else, we have a resource or will connect you with a resource that can help.  

Find the Support You Need to Thrive at Penn State

Mentoring Programs

For students looking for general support and assistance navigating campus, our mentoring programs are a great option. 

  • BLUEprint Peer Mentoring Program offers cultural, social, and academic support to students of color, specifically those who are first-year or transfer/change-of-campus students.
  • LGBTQ+ Mentor Program pairs graduate students who identify as LGBTQ+ with another LGBTQ+ student at Penn State to offer emotional support, assistance setting goals and choosing a career path, and guidance through sexual and gender identity development while encouraging health and wellness through campus and community engagement.