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As a center of University community life, the HUB-Robeson Center complements the academic experience by offering students opportunities in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, volunteerism, and student employment. The HUB-Robeson Center provides a variety of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs.

The HUB-Robeson Center encourages self-directed activities providing opportunities for individuals to recognize their own competencies, learn the dynamics of group activity, and understand their role as responsible citizens. The HUB-Robeson Center strives to provide an environment, which fosters respect, values all individuals, appreciates diversity, and celebrates the contributions of all its members.

Offices and Spaces in the HUB

Art in the HUB

The HUB-Robeson Galleries partner with students and contemporary artists to produce gallery exhibitions, public projects, artist residencies, educational programs, and cultural events. View exhibits around the HUB in the HUB Gallery, Art Ally, wall cases, and on surfaces throughout the building.  

Paul Robeson Cultural Center

The Paul Robeson Cultural Center provides programs and support services to encourage and cultivate the appreciation and celebration of the diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures of many under-represented communities at Penn State.

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CSGD) provides a comprehensive range of education, information, and advocacy services to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We work to create and maintain an open, safer, and inclusive environment honoring gender and sexual diversity.

    Office of Student Activities

    The Office of Student Activities cultivates student learning by fostering exploration, community engagement, and development through educational and experiential opportunities.

    Center for Character, Conscience and Public Purpose

    The Center for Character, Conscience, and Public Purpose offers programs and services designed to challenge students to reflect on questions of personal conscience and character and equip students with the understanding, motivation, and skills of responsible citizenship.

    Retail Spaces

    The HUB-Robeson Center houses many stores and dining options for students. These retail spaces are managed by other groups at the University.

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