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Mandatory Student Organization Officer Training for Organizations Looking to be Removed from Frozen Status 

All recognized student organizations looking to regain active status are required to attend one (1) Student Organization Officer Canvas Training Module and/or one (1) Treasurer Training (currently held via Zoom), depending on the organization’s needs to be moved from Frozen status. Student Organization Officer and Treasurer Trainings will cover essential materials for all student organizations. During these modules and training, University staff will provide important new and/or updated policies and procedures. Only one representative (preferably an officer) is required to complete the Student Organization Officer Canvas Training Module. The Treasurer of the organization must attend the Zoom Treasurer Training (if needed). The dates, times, and locations of the make-up Treasurer Training can be found on the Associated Student Activities (ASA) page

NOTE: For the March and April 2021 Officer Trainings, we have transitioned to a self-paced online module through Canvas. This can be completed at any time and will be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities the next business day after you have completed the training. Please follow the instructions below to self-enroll in the course.

To self-enroll in the Canvas Make Up Mandatory Officer training, please click on this “Self-Enroll” link. After enrolling, please complete the “Make Up Mandatory Officer Training".

Fall 2021 Mandatory Officer Trainings

Starting Fall 2021, Mandatory Officer Trainings will change formats from the previous in-person/virtual synchronous trainings to asynchronous Canvas modules. More information on when the Canvas modules will be live and how to self-enroll will be updated over the summer on this website as well as communicated through our weekly organization listserv, currently sent to the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer listed in OrgCentral.  Completion of these modules will be required by September 30, 2021.