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Raffle and Event Ticket Printing

Is your student organization hosting a concert, comedian, speaker, or banquet? Whether you need general admission or reserved seating, the HUB Marketing Office can provide tickets for your event.

Ticket Pricing

Tickets are free for registered events held by Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) courtesy of the Student Initiated Fee

Submission Process

Student Organizations should fill out the Ticket Request Form. Scan and email the Ticket Request Form and Program Registration Form or Event Confirmation to Book a ticketing consultation appointment with us and we will work with you to customize your tickets.  Please note that we are no longer allowing walk-ins and are by appointments only.

You may also submit a black and white logo to be included on your ticket. Please submit the image file for your logo to

Please allow two academic days to receive ticket proofs for review. Once your proofs are approved, printing will take two academic days for printing.

Note: Review your proof carefully! If we have to reprint your tickets due to a mistake after you have approved the proof, you will be charged for the reprints. 

Ticket Policies


Please review the Social Events Policy regarding ticketing for events. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) who plan to charge admission for on-campus events are required to use our ticketing services.


RSOs are required to use our ticketing services for raffle tickets and other chance-type drawings. RSOs must obtain a Small Game of Chance License from the Centre County Treasurer's Office at the Willowbank Building in Bellefonte. 

For additional information regarding raffle tickets, please review the Small Games of Chance webpage. 

Common Questions

I don’t like any of your ticket colors. Do you have other options?

Unfortunately, we only have a small selection of colors because we cannot afford to keep a large inventory.  

What is an impact fee?

All student organizations selling tickets with a cost of $5.00 or more for on-campus entertainment events* will have a $0.75 impact fee assessed for each ticket sold. This is a tax imposed by the local municipality for extra expenditures due to the occurrence of paid events within the municipality.  

You may choose to increase your ticket price to make up that fee. 

Tickets for banquets, registrations, raffles, or meals only do not require an impact fee.

*Please note that events are considered on-campus if they are hosted on a Penn State platform, such as Zoom.