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Due to the University closure, most Student Affairs offices and buildings are closed. Before visiting, please confirm offices are operating. Most virtual appointments and events are still being held. For information on specific buildings and services, please visit our campus closure information page

The Anxiety Project installed in HUB Gallery.
The Anxiety Project installed in HUB Gallery. Photos by: Ashleigh Longtine

Dr. Bill Doan | The Anxiety Project 

January 16 – March 14 | HUB Gallery & Online  

A pandemic, nationwide protests and uprisings, a presidential election, and cascading challenges facing individuals and communities across the globe, many of us have struggled with our mental health. Despite the prevalence and normalcy of these feelings and experiences, stigma continues to follow mental illness.  

For Dr. Doan, drawing performing and sharing have helped him – and others – cope. These artistic outlets are therapeutic and help to alleviate symptoms, enabling him to imagine his mental health, rather than to be defined by his mental illness. The Anxiety Project invite others to draw for their mental health too. He is a Professor of Theatre in the College of Arts and Director of the Arts and Design Research Incubator at The Pennsylvania State University. Doan served as the Penn State Laureate for 2019-2020. 

Inhale. Exhale. Draw. for Your Well-Being

Inspired by Dr. Bill Doan’s exhibition, The Anxiety Project, community art boards will create an opportunity for reflection and expression. The Penn State community is invited to respond to prompts through drawing, and/or written word. Through artistic expression, we can process and share our experiences and perspectives, create a sense of community, connect with our common humanity and cultivate the wellbeing of the larger campus community. Learn more and participate by visiting the project's website.

When the Bough Breaks installed in Art Alley.
When the Bough Breaks installed in Art Alley. Photos by: Dani Spewak

When The Bough Breaks

Organized by Susanne Slavick

January 16  - May 9 |  Art Alley  

Despite our history of decimating vast tracts of forests, often in the name of civilization, trees remain indifferent to our existence. They continue offering shade, shelter, sustenance and survival. They long precede the human race and will ultimately succeed us, despite our alternating negligence and reverence.  

Facing ongoing human conflict and impending climate catastrophe, the reality or representation of trees can offer solace and space—for the necessity of talking and listening. The works of these artists and accompanying poets embrace the tree — materially and conceptually— through figure and metaphor, analysis and allegory, and as record and reflection. Works by:  Patricia Bellan-Gillen,  Denise Burge,  Zoë Charlton,  Ellen Harvey,  Alex Lukas,  Clayton Merrell,  Sarah Slavick, and Susanne Slavick. 

This exhibition was supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. 

Eun-Ha Paek.Poodling 2. 5.5 x 13.5 x 2.25. 2017. ceramic
Works from Human Expectations ii. Photos by: Dani Spewak

Human Expectations II

Dolores Furatado, Kris Grey, William J. O’Brien, Eun-Ha Paek, & Lilly Zuckerman  

Through June 20 | HUB-Robeson Center & Online

Working with touch and play, the artists exhibiting in Human Expectations II search for expression and experience through material. Forms emerge from the artists’ own bodies creating monuments to life and desire. Sharing what living feels like with eyes closed, improvisations and intimate experiences become powerful and suggestive objects. Like a boulder on top of a hill – these works fill the imagination with narrative possibility. Works on view by William J. O’Brien, Dolores Furtado, Kris Grey, Eun-Ha Paek and Lilly Zuckerman.  

Pride Abstract installed in HUB-Robeson Center's Wall Case. Photo by: Dani Spewak
Pride Abstract installed in HUB-Robeson Center's Wall Case. Photo by: Dani Spewak

Amara Eke | Pride Abstract 

February 22 - July 28 | Wall Case, HUB-Robeson Center 

Amara Eke is a senior in Fine Arts at Penn State University pursuing her BFA with a concentration in Drawing and Painting and minors in Art History and Gender Studies. Her work uses vibrant colors in mediums including acrylic paint, colored pencils, markers, glitter, stickers, and more to illustrate themes dealing with black womanhood, queerness, spirituality, and conspiracy. Eke aims to intertwine themes of art history (particularly from the Byzantine and Italian renaissance periods) with her own experiences in the 21st century, accurately representing the wealth of diversity here on Earth while still paying homage to the artists and history that came before her. 

Penn State Center for Arts and Crafts Annual Artist and Instructor Exhibition 

February 5 – June 20 | HUB-Robeson Center 

The Penn State Center for Arts and Crafts’ (CFAC) artists and instructors will showcase their artwork in the first-floor Display Cases. This exhibition will feature artworks representing the range of art classes available at the CFAC. 

The Center for Arts and Crafts has offered non-credit adult art classes to Penn State students, faculty, and staff during each of the university semesters and a children’s summer art camp for more than 40 years. The Center for Arts & Crafts is located in 3 Ritenour and has a ceramics studio in B8 HUB.