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Three of Fiore's Firework Drawings. Photo by: Anderson
Images of Fiore's work and past performances.


Dates to follow | Throughout the HUB-Robeson Center, HUB Gallery and Art Alley 

Known for converting popular technologies such as lawn mowers, cards, floor polishers, and amusement park rides into painting machines, Fiore worked with students in the School of Visual Arts to develop the pyrographic tools which she will use in a performance on the HUB Lawn. Through a series of weeklong intensive workshops, students designed and built smoke painting tools called Fire Clubs and Smoke Boxes.  

On the occasion of her performance, smoke paintings, collages and tools from throughout the last 10 years of Fiore’s practice will be on view in Art Alley and HUB Gallery. The documentation that results from Fiore’s performance will result in a site-specific commission for the HUB-Robeson Center, including 3 large murals and a 66 ft long scroll. 

Banner Image | Photo by: Michelle Calloway.  Image Courtesy of: Museum of Contemporary Art and Space 42, Jacksonville, Fl