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Class, office, and student organization group visits are welcomed and encouraged. Student and staff led tours are available, email if interested. 

SPRING 2022 

True Likeness 

February 4 – March 20 | HUB Gallery & Art Alley

Reception: February 8, 5 - 7 p.m.

Portraits serve as expressions of identity, popular taste, social standing, and as documents of who, when, and where. Representing one’s self in the best light or seeing others in understandable terms are motives behind why we record images of each other, whether for rituals, documentation of events, art making, or as expressions of status.

True Likeness presents an exhibition of contemporary portraits from diverse makers in a variety of media including video, photography, painting collage, installation, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Artists, some familiar, others more on the fringe of the art world, hail from all over the United States. Their own identities, and those presented through their works, provide a snapshot of who we are as a country. As the exhibition took shape over the last two years, as overt and coded hate spech became congruent with one of the most divisive elections of our time, it became apparent that highlighting and celebrating diversity was paramount.

This exhibition was curated by Lia Newman and Tom Stanley. Heartfelt thanks to all of our interns, as well as to Russ White, Graham McKinney, & Stephanie Cash. Special thanks to project contributor Russ White, Graham McKinney, Stephanie Cash, Kayley McDonald, Dani Spewak, Sarah Kipp, and Kelly Kutz.

View Van Every/Smith Galleries True Likeness exhibition site.

Amie Bantz | Lunchbox Moments

January 26 – May 15, 2022 | Exhibition Cases


February 8: Lunchbox Moments Exhibition & Kick-off Reception, 5-7 p.m., First Floor: HUB-Robeson Center.

No registration is required. This event is free and open to all. Join Bantz for conversation and a lunchbox-making activity.

February 8: Culture in Motion: Music Mixer, 7:30-9:30 p.m. HUB 008

Register for Culture in Motion. Registration is free, but space is limited. Enjoy cultural performances, refreshments, and a DJ.

February 9: Art in Action: Lunchbox Moments, 11:30 – 1:30 pm HUB 233A

Register for Art in Action: Lunchbox Moments. Registration is free, but space is limited. Participate in shared storytelling and capture your own lunchbox moment.

February 10: Lunchbox Moments Lunchbox Making Workshop with artist Amie Bantz, 6-8 pm HUB 302

Register for Lunchbox Making Workshop. Registration is free, but space is limited.  Participate in a cultural exchange of lunchbox moments and create your own mixed media design for our Penn State lunch box display.

February 11: Sustainability Showcase featuring Amie Bantz, 12 - 1:15 pm, Online and (tentatively) HUB 233AB

Lunchbox moments are the formative occurrences in many Asian Americans’ lives where a traditional Asian meal is eaten at school or at home and the meal elicits some sort of reaction, whether it be positive or negative. “I have a lunchbox moment; my mom has a lunchbox moment; nearly all of my AAPI community members have a lunchbox moment,” said artist Amie Bantz. These stories make up a collective identity that is equal parts profound, beautiful, comical, and heartbreaking.

In order to share these stories and empower the AAPI community in light of recent attacks on Asian Americans in the U.S., Amie Bantz presents: Lunchbox Moments: Seek Understanding. Share Stories. Stop Hate. These boxes are a collection of narratives from members of the AAPI community and are a visual representation of storytelling showcasing the Asian-American experience. These stories empower marginalized voices by providing a platform to raise awareness. This project is presented in partnership with Adult Learner Programs & Services, Residence Life, and the Sustainability Institute.

Center for Arts & Crafts Instructors Exhibitions

January 29 – July 31 | Exhibition Cases 

The Penn State Center for Arts & Crafts’ (CFAC) artists and instructors will showcase their artwork in the first-floor Display Cases. This exhibition will feature artworks representing the range of art classes available at the CFAC.  

The Center for Arts & Crafts has offered non-credit adult art classes to Penn State students, faculty, and staff during each of the university semesters and a children’s summer art camp for more than 40 years. The Center for Arts & Crafts is located in 3 Ritenour and has a ceramics studio in B8 HUB.  

Visual Arts Annual Graduate Research Exhibition 

March 25 – April 17, 2022 | HUB Gallery 

Gallery walk: March 25, 2 – 4 p.m. 

Featuring the work of the current Master of Fine Arts candidates, the Annual Graduate Research Exhibition includes several artists working in a wide variety of mediums. Candidates are challenged to effectively demonstrate the significance of their ideas and creative research to the general public. Individuals whose works and presentations are judged best will receive monetary awards.  

The Annual Graduate Research Exhibition celebrates research in all its aspects as an essential and exciting part of graduate education at Penn State. Established in 1986, the Graduate Exhibition places special emphasis on communicating research and creative endeavor to a general audience and offers an opportunity for professional development by challenging graduate students to present their work in clear, comprehensible terms to people outside their fields. 

Scatter Terrain 

Opening March 24th- July 17th | Art Alley 

View Scatter Terrain’s catalogue online 

The term “scatter terrain,” borrowed from role-playing and war games, refers to miniature fragments of architecture, natural features, or small props that provide a visual aid for players. This exhibition presents pockets of “terrain” – peculiar landscapes, architectural gestures, intimate domestic corners – as a metaphorical means of escape from the pandemic and connection to those who are far away. What started as a call for disparate glimpses into distant lives and locations is now shifting toward a realization that our communal sense of place is still marked by a reckoning with an ailing world and an urgent need for new perspectives. Scatter Terrain was co-curated by Anthony Cervino and Shannon Egan, features 25 artists, and first premiered at Ejecta Projects.