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As a Recognized Student Organization, you have access to resources through Penn State's University Development Office. Requesting custom URLs to make online giving easy, creating crowdfunding campaigns, and receiving tax-deductible donations are just a few of the ways your organization can start raising money today.


Can my student group accept tax-deductible donations?

Student organizations officially recognized by Penn State are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions if they have an active account with Associated Student Activities (ASA).  Gifts received for an organization by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR) are processed by DDAR’s Office of Donor Services.  The donor will receive a tax receipt and the funds will be transferred to the ASA office for distribution to the appropriate student group.

We want to solicit alumni of our organization – how can we do that?   

The University’s policy AD04 addresses the protocol for development solicitations.  A copy of that policy as well as contact information for the Office of Annual Giving, which manages these solicitations, can be found here

We would like to have an online giving link on our club’s website.  How can we make sure our group receives these online contributions?

You are encouraged to have a custom giving URL on your organization’s website. Please contact the office of Annual Giving at 863-2052 or to receive a custom giving URL specifically for your organization. It is important to have donations processed through Development so donors can receive tax receipts for their donations.  Gifts received through, and your custom URL will automatically receive tax receipts. Sample language to direct donors to online gifts:

To make your gift online, visit [YOUR CUSTOM URL HERE] to make sure your gift goes to the [ABC] Student Organization.

How can I get an allocation code for my student organization?

Once your group has decided to proactively fundraise, e-mail the Student Affairs Development Office to determine if an allocation code already exists or to create an allocation code for your organization.

We would like to run an online crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our organization. How can we proceed or learn more?

Let’s Grow State, is a fundraising tool for students looking for funds for their organization or cause. It is a University-supported crowdfunding platform that gives groups the ability to fundraise for their projects, passions, and ideas. Benefits include:

  • No fees! Every penny raised goes directly to your organization.
  • Professional guidance
  • Create your own page with your own words and images
  • Donations are tax-deductible for your supporters.

To apply, visit and click on apply now.

To learn more contact the Office of Annual Giving at 863-2052 or

Associated Student Activities (ASA) Accounts

How long does it take for the money to get into my Associated Student Activities (ASA) account?

The Office of Donor Services will process the gift and notify ASA who will deposit the money into your organization’s account (this can take a few weeks). Gifts of $5,000.00 or more are held by the University for 90 days.

How does ASA know which student group received the contributions?

The Office of Donor Services uses allocation codes to ensure that funds are deposited in accordance with the donor’s wishes.  Each allocation code is tied to the group’s ASA account and should be included on all contributions your group receives.

How can I get an allocation code for my student organization?

Once your group has decided to proactively fundraise, e-mail the Student Affairs Development Office to determine if an allocation code already exists or to create an allocation code for your organization.

Our ASA account contains gifts from alumni and friends of our organization. Is there anything else we need to do?

All student organizations that receive contributions are encouraged to write thank you notes to their donors.  The notes should be from the heart, describe how the group has used funds in the past year or will use funds in the future.  When appropriate, donors should be invited to your group’s events or activities.

Alumni Database

How can we add names of former club members to the alumni database?

Members can be coded after graduation by providing their names, PSU IDs and the group’s name to the Student Affairs Development Office who will code the alumni database.

How can we get a list of alumni who were in our organization? Are in our organization’s Alumni Interest Group (AIG)?

To retain a list of alumni who were in your organization as students, please contact the Alumni Association. Please be aware: most organizations do not have thorough lists of their alumni.

Checks & Tax Receipts

My group received a check.  What should we do?

Checks should be sent via campus mail/dropped off to:
University Programs Development Office
Attn: Jeri Daniels-Elder
150 Bristol II

  • Or  

Checks can be sent via Via USPS to:
University Programs Development Office
Attn: Jeri Daniels-Elder
2601 Gateway Drive, Suite 150
State College, PA 16801

For student organizations raising money through Let’s Grow State, checks should be sent/dropped of to:

The Office of Annual Giving
Attn: Ashley DeBaro
2583 Gateway Drive, Suite 200
State College, PA 16801

(Include a note with let’s Grow State campaign name/organization name)

How should donors address the checks they send us?

Make check payable to:
Penn State University

Memo should only contain:
Allocation Code and/or Student Organization Name

How do we get a tax receipt for our donor?

In order to get a tax receipt for your donor, the gift MUST go through the development office. There are certain steps that must be taken in order for this to occur (AND for the donations to be tax-deductible). If you deposited your check directly into your organization’s ASA account, we cannot get you a tax receipt.

What information do you need for tax receipts?

  • Full name(s) of donor(s).
    • If you want both spouses to be recognized/thanked, you must have both names
  • Legible address of the donor