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University Health Services provides quality, compassionate care to all students. We encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider about your sexual identity, gender identity, and sexual behavior so that we can provide you with the best and most appropriate care; providers must be fully informed. Any information you discuss with your provider is strictly confidential.

      Testing and Prevention Resources

      Please see below for general information about testing and prevention resources on campus and in the local community.

      Testing Types

      The HIV test is the 4th Generation HIV 1/2 Antigen and Antibody test, which detects the HIV 1/2 antigens and antibodies as well as the p24 Antigen. This allows for earlier detection with a median of 5-7 days over previously utilized immunoassay testing.

      Further testing may be required based on the CDC HIV testing algorithm. Confidential HIV/AIDS tests are available in the Student Health Center.

      Local Resources

      AIDS Resource
      129 S. Sparks St Suite #1
      State College, PA
      (814) 272-0818 Ext. 10
      (Appointment only - Free Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests, Free oral swab HIV test and HIV + support).

      Pennsylvania Department of Health Centre County State Health Center
      (Appointment only)

      Students at Penn State campuses other than University Park may contact their campus health office or other community resources for further information.

      Additional information about HIV/AIDS is available on the CDC website.

      Safer Sex Resources

      Sex Positive App-It's difficult to predict when you may need access to sexual health information. With SexPositive, judgment-free information about STI's, safety, communication tips and health advice are available on your smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      University Health Services Information for Transgender Patients

      University Health Services has providers who specialize in the care of transgender patients  who will evaluate, treat and/or refer you to appropriately meet your needs. Students undergoing hormone therapy can bring their medication along with an order from the prescribing physician to a University Health Services provider for review and administration. Nurses can also teach you to self-administer medication.

      Medications can be special ordered through the University Health Services Pharmacy. Please check with your insurance provider regarding policy requirements and specific benefits.

      Preferred Name

      Please indicate if you prefer a name other than your current legal name when scheduling your appointment. A note will be added to your medical chart and your medical team will use this name while caring for you. You can also indicate your transition status while scheduling your first appointment. This will help your health care team provide you with the best care possible.


      Traveling abroad? Your passport can reflect your gender identity if you have a letter from a physician stating that you have had appropriate clinical treatment (which means appropriate for that person, it no longer specifies surgery or anything else, it’s now a clinical judgment call).


      For more resources, please check out the transgender and non-binary resources FAQ.

      Other Health and Wellness Resources

      Local Resources

      Centre LGBTQA Support Network
      The mission of Centre LGBTQA Support Network is to bring the community together through LGBTQA education and activities in the Centre region. Their website has many local health and wellness resources.

      Centre County Women's Resource Center
      It is the mission of the CCWRC to empower survivors of sexual or domestic violence and to work toward the elimination of such violence.

      AIDS Resource
      AIDS Resource is a non-profit organization that provides free HIV prevention programs, free HIV and STI testing, and assistance to those infected with, or affected by, HIV or AIDS.

      Online Resources