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Team Development Programs

These programs are designed to enhance your organization's skills in being productive members of the team. Through any of our Team Development Programs, we will discuss your desired goals and outcomes of the program and create a detailed plan in order to meet those needs.

High Ropes Course (Stone Valley Recreation Area) – During this program, your group will be guided through the course by one of our trained facilitators completing team challenges along the way. At various stopping points, our facilitators will take the time to discuss the activities with the group to ensure that we are meeting your desired outcomes. The course is specifically designed for teams to bond and develop their skills as a team. We will begin with a brief introduction to the course, put safety equipment on, and go through ground school, demonstrating the skills that all participants need to have before ascending the course. After the demonstration, we will split the larger group into smaller teams of up to 8 participants. Assisted by our facilitators, the small team will demonstrate the same ground school skills. Once completed, the team will ascend the course. Afterward, we will gather the group to discuss overarching themes of the day and how they may apply to your group moving forward. The course program can take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Low Ropes Course (Stone Valley Recreation Area) – this program will achieve similar outcomes of the high ropes course program but will keep everyone mostly on the ground (never off the ground more than 2 feet). Our Facilitators will lead the group through several activities and initiatives that are designed to focus on various team skills. Along the way, we will debrief each of the activities to ensure that we are building to your desired outcomes. This program can last 2-4 hours depending on your preference and availability.

Portables Program (Almost Anywhere) – Very similar to the low ropes course program, this event allows us to select a location that is more convenient for you and your group. We have the availability to reserve space in our IM Building on the University Park Campus or come to a designated space that the group has selected. This event is ideal for those groups who are unable to travel to the Stone Valley Recreation Area. This program can last 2-4 hours depending on your preference and availability.

Archery Tag (Almost Anywhere) – This unique activity combines elements of dodgeball with archery! With a variety of styles of gameplay, Archery Tag can be booked on its own or in combination with another activity. This program can last 1-2 hours depending on your preference and availability.

Climbing Experience

These programs will provide an opportunity for your group to bond and have a shared experience through challenging themselves on one of our climbing structures.

Climbing Gym (IM Building) – At 40-feet tall and 16 climbing lanes, the Indoor Climbing Wall enables your group members to test themselves regardless of experience or ability.

Alpine Tower with Giant Swing (Stone Valley Recreation Area) – The Tower itself is 50-feet tall with multiple ways to ascend to the top. We can have up to 6 climbing lanes open at a time or 4 climbing lanes to also open our Giant Swing that is attached to the Alpine Tower. It is as exactly as it sounds... a giant swing. This program could last 2-4 hours depending on your preference and availability as well as if we are using the Giant Swing as part of the program.

Carolina T-Wall (Stone Valley Recreation Area) - this 50-foot climbing structure offers a variety of climbing terrain 11 different routes and varying levels of difficulty (3 beginners, 4 intermediate, and 4 advanced). This program can last 2-4 hours depending on your preference and availability.

Custom Trips

Get your group or organization outside by booking a custom trip. Options include backpacking, hiking, caving, canoeing/kayaking/SUP, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing. Our experienced guides will work with your organization to design a trip that meets your desired goals and outcomes.

To book any of our programs, please submit a request form or contact us at 814-865-3634.