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Small Group Training

Small Group Instructional Training provides all the benefits of Personal Training with the bonus of having a group to support achieving your goals.  Meet with 4-10 people and work through fun, interactive workouts to meet your fitness goals.  Clients will have access to an exciting, exclusive environment with some of the best equipment in the industry!  

Small Group Training Sessions are focused around three different models:  equipment-based, technique-based, or outcome-based.  Fitness and Wellbeing offers all three models.  

Find your class

There are small group training sessions for everyone. Search for offerings and book online to take advantage of all three varieties of training.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

In the event of a Small Group Training class being cancelled due to low registration, those who have registered will be extended the offer for the following:

  • Transfer to another open Small Group Training class.
  • Receive a full refund for the cancelled class in which they registered.

Available Programs

All Small Group/Instructional Training Sessions are taught by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and/or Group Fitness Instructor through American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Training Program, or by an Instructor with a Specialty Certification through an accredited organization.   

Athletic Conditioning

This sports conditioning Small Group Training class combines skills and drills that will inspire your inner competitor to show up and perform.  Build strength, speed, power, agility, muscular endurance, and balance with sprints, jumps, tucks, and specific weightlifting patterns utilizing various pieces of equipment in our Functional Fitness Room (Room 12).  Take your sport, whatever it may be, to the next level with completing this small group training.  

Boxing Circuit

This high intensity boxing circuit combines heavy bags and boxing gloves with strength and cardio to deliver an empowering workout. Whether you are an experienced boxing student or a beginner, this workout will raise your heart rate and train your muscles in a short amount of time by using intervals.  


This progressive Small Group Training class develops power, momentum, balance, creativity – and attitude.  Learn fun routines that will increase your endurance and challenge your coordination and agility with creative movements.  Each class will consist of specific choreography to a popular song broken down and repeated until the end of class – the finale.  

Express Bootcamp

This is a 30-minute total body workout. Workouts will consist of plyometric, cardio, and strength training exercises all on our Queenax training system and in our functional training space. The instructors will incorporate multiple types of drills and exercises to get a lot of work done in a little amount of time.  

Kettlebells 101

The Kettlebell is a valuable tool for all fitness levels.  This Small Group Training is focused on utilizing full body movements to challenge the entire body and any fitness level.  Learn how to train your body using different techniques and kettlebell movements (swing, clean, snatch, etc.) in this small group training. 

TRX Training Progressive Classes

Suspension training uses body weight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. 

  • TRX Bootcamp
    A mix of cardio and strength intervals utilizing the TRX suspension trainer and the Queenax to challenge strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and core stability. 

  • TRX Flow
    Mobility and Core focused workout combining yoga-inspired movements on the TRX suspension trainer. Blend postures together to create fluidity in movement and increase performance and recovery with each workout.  

Weightlifting 101 

Ever walk into a weight room/fitness space and wonder where to start?  This Small Group Training is focused on teaching the basics of weight training, navigating a fitness space, how to use equipment, and more.  After this small group training, participants will leave feeling comfortable in the weight room and designing their own basic workout program. 

Martial Arts (Technique/Outcome) 

Tang Soo Do

The Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do develops physical fitness, confidence, and self-defense skills. Designed to be accessible to all participants, we stay fit through a combination of flexibility and cardiovascular training. The instruction combines traditional Tang Soo Do with other styles such as Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With more than 30 years of history at Penn State, this class goes beyond physical fitness to forge lifelong friendships within a worldwide community of martial artists. 

Join the Team

Our student fitness instructors are committed to health and fitness. 

After training, fitness instructors hold a national certification and have successfully completed the 2-credit KINES 93 training class. Instructors gain leadership skills, fitness knowledge, and motivational tools to help fellow students become fit, healthy contributors to the Penn State community. Email for more information about becoming a Group Fitness Instructor.

Already certified?

If you already hold a nationally recognized certification (ACE, ACSM, NASM, etc.), please reach out to the Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellbeing at


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