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There are a variety of ways to get involved in the many communities at Penn State. Look for events and programs on the Student Affairs Event Calendar, join a student organization, or connect with one of our many Student Affairs offices for opportunities around community building, mentoring, education, and more. 

Opportunities to Get Involved 

Visit our offices

Several of our offices have spaces where students can interact with peers and staff, attend programs, participate in various activities, or find a quiet place to study.  

While not all of our offices have a community space available, students can stop by anytime for support or to inquire about getting involved. 

Become a Mentor

Are you a seasoned student who has valuable experience to offer to your peers? Consider becoming a mentor to help first-year or transfer/change-of-campus students navigate the University. 

  • BLUEprint Peer Mentoring Program offers cultural, social, and academic support to students of color, specifically those who are first-year or transfer/change-of-campus students.
  • LGBTQ+ Mentor Program pairs graduate students who identify as LGBTQ+ with another LGBTQ+ student at Penn State to offer emotional support, assistance setting goals and choosing a career path, and guidance through sexual and gender identity development while encouraging health and wellness through campus and community engagement.

Be a Peer Educator

Are you passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion issues? Several of our offices have peer educator programs where you can channel your passion toward educating and engaging your peers at Penn State. 

  • Straight Talks Peer Education Program: LGBTQ+ peer educators are key to developing and engaging allies at Penn State.
  • Men Against Violence: Men Against Violence is a group of Penn State men who seek to oppose interpersonal violence in all of its manifestations and to promote healthy masculinity. 
  • Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate, and Empower: Student members are responsible for facilitating educational programs and participating in other types of campus activities to raise awareness about issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, body image, and gender stereotypes.

Join a Student Organization

Penn State has approximately 1,000 student organizations to choose from. Below are only some of the organizations that are focused on diversity. To view all student organizations, visit OrgCentral

Events and Programming

Student Affairs hosts lectures, workshops, discussions, and more around topics of community and belonging throughout the year. Visit the calendar links below to explore upcoming events. 

Related Programming

Rock Ethics Institute promotes engaged ethics research and ethical leadership in topic areas, such as race, gender and sexuality, sustainability, public life, global issues, and more. They regularly host lectures and other events around these topics. 

The McCourtney Institute for Democracy works to promote scholarship and practical innovations that defend and advance democracy in the United States and abroad. They host events and a podcast around topics of democracy.

The Center for Character Conscience and Public Purpose strives to inspire every Penn State student to live a life defined by a strong character, a thoughtful conscience, and an understanding of their responsibility for the public good. They host lectures and discussions on a variety of topics, including ethical leadership and civic engagement. Students or organizations can request workshops. 


Our events and programs are open to all students regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other protected class. Student Affairs is committed to building a community of belonging for all.