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Lindsey Kircher

Art Alley  | December 11, 2018 – January 19, 2019  |  Reception: January 17, 5–7pm

Kircher is a senior Schreyer Honors Scholar pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting with minors in Spanish and Arts Entrepreneurship. Her work comes from a place of longing for an alternate reality to experiences of powerlessness as a young woman. In these works, the artist subverts situations of defeat or oppression reimagining these scenes as rituals of epic female mysticism, these women form a resilient coven, commanding us to acknowledge their presence and head their warnings asserting agency and control.

CSA PGH and Small Mall

Exhibition highlighting two projects of Casey Droege Cultural Productions (CDCP), CSA PGH and Small Mall. CSA PGH, Community Supported Art Pittsburgh, is part of a national artist-driven movement that commissions artists to produce editionable works that are grouped and sold to the public as art shares. Small Mall is a concept store and experimental retail space featuring art and design objects from makers in the Pittsburgh region. Both are part of CDCP’s work to create relevant and accessible art experiences connecting Pittsburgh’s creative community to a national arts conversation while encouraging the growth of local arts economies and building diverse arts audiences.

State College Area School District Annual K-12 Exhibition

Robeson Gallery  | January 4 – 26, 2019  |  Reception: January 26, 2–4pm

For nearly 20 years, the HUB-Robeson Galleries have hosted the State College Area School District Annual K-12 Exhibition. Each of the district’s art teachers selects up to 10 student artworks to be included, representing a diverse array of mediums, ideas, and talent as well as many hours of skilled and creative work. This annual exhibition provides our area’s young artists with the exciting opportunity to share their artwork with the community in a highly public place that honors their work as an effective path to learning and knowledge. 


Constrained Surface  |  Ryoichi Kurokawa

HUB Gallery  | January 4 – 19, 2019  |  Reception: January 17, 4–6pm

Kurokawa’s immersive installation deftly uses digital methods and available commercial technologies to create moments of surprise and wonder. The artist merges sensory inputs, inspired by synaesthesia, delivering a unison of light, color, sound and movement that explores what can be experienced within the boundaries of a frame. A time-based sculptor, Kurokawa’s Constrained Surface is characteristic of the artists’ best-known works, audiovisual installations usually composed of multiple screens where abstract motifs suddenly appear from the dark and multiply or break away as if being microscopically dissected.


Race and Revolution: Still Separate, Still Unequal

HUB Gallery, Art Alley, and Woskob Family Gallery  | January 29 – March 1, 2019  |  Reception: January 29, 5–7pm

Race and Revolution: Still Separate, Still Unequal is curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah and Katie Fuller. The exhibition explores ongoing racial and economic disparity in the U.S. public school system. First presented in New York City in June 2017, the exhibit features work by 15 artists, many of whom are teachers themselves.


School of Visual Arts Annual Graduate Research Exhibition

HUB Gallery  | March 22 – April 24, 2019

Featuring the work of current Master of Fine Arts candidates, the Annual Graduate Research Exhibition includes several artists working in a wide variety of mediums. Candidates are challenged to effectively demonstrate the significance of their ideas and creative research to the general public. Individuals whose works and presentations are judged best will receive monetary awards. 

The Annual Graduate Research Exhibition celebrates research in all its aspects as an essential and exciting part of graduate education at Penn State. Established in 1986, the Graduate Exhibition places special emphasis on communicating research and creative endeavor to a general audience and offers an opportunity for professional development by challenging graduate students to present their work in clear, comprehensible terms to people outside their fields. 


Center for Arts & Crafts Annual Artists and Instructors Exhibition

Art Alley and Display Cases | March 29 – April 24, 2019

The Center for Arts & Crafts (CFAC) offers a variety of non-credit adult art classes throughout the year to Penn State students, faculty, and staff. This annual exhibition features recently-completed two- and three-dimensional artworks that are representative of the range of art classes available at the CFAC. 

The Center for Arts & Crafts was founded in the 1970s with the mission to offer quality programs and services that relate to the ever-changing cultural, social, educational, and recreational needs of those they serve. All classes are taught by Penn State students majoring in art or art education, graduate students, and professional artists.  

'Constrained Surface' by Ryoichi Kurokawa  |  Opening in the HUB Gallery on January 4, 2019