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Zoë Charlton | The Domestic
Curated by Shannon Egan

April 29 – June 25 | HUB Gallery
Reception June 25 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Artist Zoë Charlton creates large-scale collages, drawings, and sculptural installation that explore the complexities of contemporary social and cultural stereotypes. Recurring imagery in Charlton's work --suburban houses, African masks, paper dolls, and lush landscapes-- provides a new approach to issues and representations of black identity. "The Domestic" examines notions of care-taking across racial and class lines, the fragility and failings of a home, and the complications of gender and sexuality in relation to this intensely bodily work. This exhibition travels to Penn State from Gettysburg College’s Schmucker Gallery.

Timely Warnings
Group exhibition led by student Sophia Krupsha

May 6 – May 19 | Art Alley 

A showcase of artworks addressing sexual assault, the aftermath, and how the Penn State community has addressed it through campus initiatives and activism.  

it’s the new everything
Brian Alfred, Arden Bendler Browning, Trisha Holt, and Phaan Howng
May 28 – July 21 | Art Alley
Reception June 25 6:00 – 8:00 PM

In the 40 years since Art in America announced TV as the next medium, or Andy Warhol that “it’s the new everything”, artists continue to confirm the prognosis of inside and outside as defunct categories in life and in the landscape. In this exhibition, artists approach digital apertures and viewfinders as tools and points of view.

Hot Lava
Andrew Casto, Ling Chun, Iva Haas, Bryan Hopkins, and Andrea Marquis
May 15 – September 30  |  Exhibit Cases

Whether molten rock or child’s play, the artists in Hot Lava utilize the material specificities and chemical changes of clay and glaze to probe phenomenological possibilities. An exhibition in five acts, each artist’s solo presentation delves deeply into their work over time or in series. Sizzling hot forms act as playgrounds for steaming glazes while perforations, deformations, and transections disobey structure. These artists’ fantastical alchemy of the elemental melts, drools, and burns.

Hannah Epstein | Nittany Lion: Eco-Mascot
July 3 – September 12  |  HUB Gallery

Known as a writer, journalist, and avid folklorist, Henry W. Shoemaker wrote several myths and legends of central Pennsylvania aiming to inspire civic action and preservation of land and native cultures.  Although many of his stories have been debunked, artist Hannah Epstein returns to the folklorist's sense of narrative as a rallying force and tool, envisioning the University's sports mascot as an environmental crusader. Epstein’s textiles, digital video, and experimental games advocate for a deeper understanding of storytelling and its crucial role in the construction of reality. Here, play is a technique used to probe the rules and structures governing social interactions.

'Constrained Surface' by Ryoichi Kurokawa  |  Opening in the HUB Gallery on January 4, 2019