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Student Send-Off Events
Student send-off events are hosted by Penn State Alumni Chapters to welcome new students (and their families) to Penn State. Events are typically held in June, July, and August. If one is hosted in your area, your student will receive an invitation from the local alumni chapter.

Parent & Family Checklist

Connect with Penn State

Health Care

  • Stay up to date on how COVID-19 is impacting campus
  • All incoming students must submit immunization records prior to their New Student Orientation. Visit the Immunization website for more information
  • All full-time domestic students are required to submit their health insurance coverage information via LionPATH after registering for classes
  • Remind your student to copy and bring insurance and prescription cards with them
  • Remind your student to bring information about their current and maintenance prescription medications

Tuition & More

  • Learn about FERPA and how your access to student information changes in college
  • Remind your student to check their Penn State email account frequently (University offices/departments communicate important information to the student's Penn State email address
  • Ask your student if they received the email with the tuition bill (in most situations, students receive a tuition bill after registering for classes at NSO)
  • Remind your student to consent to do business electronically and to sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) in LionPATH prior to enrolling for classes
  • Discuss getting online access with your student, as they must delegate access in order for parents to view student information
  • If you are paying tuition, ask your student to add you as an "authorized payer" on their account
  • Plan for future semesters at
  • Add funds to student's LionCash+ account

Discuss with Your Student

  • Remind your student to complete online modules
  • Encourage your student to participate in Welcome Week activities:
  • Discuss campus safety and decisions regarding alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Discuss time management, study skills, and mutual expectations for staying in touch
  • Talk about how your student will finance their education
  • Explore programs and services available to assist your student
  • Provide a reminder of life skills (including doing laundry, managing a bank account, eating well, accessing healthcare)
  • Remind your student to add their cell phone number to the PSU Alert System at to receive text and/or voice alerts.

Parents & Families Weekend

Penn State Student Affairs
Penn State Parents Program