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Payroll Deduction
Payroll deduction is now available for all Faculty and Staff at University Park. Simply sign up by visiting our main sales desk at the front of the IM Building to have your $19 monthly payment automatically deducted from your pay. There is a minimum 1 year commitment. Prorated payment for the first month will be due at registration. Please bring a way to pay at the desk.
Payroll Deduction

To access Campus Recreation facilities, patrons must have a valid Campus Recreation membership. Membership is included for all undergraduate and graduate students currently paying into student fees. All other patrons can purchase a membership to enjoy what Campus Recreation has to offer.

A Campus Recreation membership includes access to the IM Building, White Building, Natatorium, and Rec Hall. Access to all three fitness centers, informal recreation areas, open pool hours, and most group fitness classes are all included with the membership. This includes the outdoor pool during summer.

Student Memberships

Penn State students do not need to purchase a membership to use the Campus Recreation facilities. Memberships for full- and part-time students are included in the Student Initiated Fee paid each semester. 

Summer Memberships

University Park students who are not actively taking classes during the summer can purchase a membership for $57. The Student Summer Membership can only be purchased in person at the IM Building sales desk.

Football Weekend Memberships

Must be 18 or older and have a valid PSU Alumni Association Membership in order to purchase.  Options are $30 for each individual home football game weekend or $150 for all seven.  The membership includes access to all available facilities for Friday/Saturday/Sunday of the home football weekend (IM Building and the Natatorium are closed on home football Saturdays). This membership also gives you the option to sponsor 1 guest who is over the age of 18 for an additional $10 per day.  

Recent Graduates

Any recent graduate is eligible for our Associate Membership for the semester immediately following their graduation.  Membership options are $95 for the semester or $50 for 1 month.  Memberships can be purchased in person only at the IM Building, and you must show proof that you recently graduated.

    Faculty, Staff, and Retiree Memberships

    • $50/month (30 days from the date of purchase)
    • $95/semester (Based on three semesters and follows the academic calendar - fall, spring, and summer)
    • $230/year (Annual memberships start from the date of purchase and are available year-round for sale)

    Associate Memberships - Spouse/Partner Memberships

    Penn State faculty, staff, retirees, and students are eligible to purchase an Associate Membership for their spouse or partner. To purchase a membership, both people must be present at the time of purchase and provide one of the following: photo IDs with matching address, mail with matching address, or a copy of marriage certificate. The cost is $95 per semester or $230 annually (beginning of fall to the end of summer). A spouse/partner is eligible to have a membership without their sponsoring person having one as well, but both must be present to purchase.

    Visiting Scholars

    Penn State visiting scholars are eligible for an Associate Membership. Memberships must be purchased in person at the IM Building. Please bring a copy of your signed offer letter showing start/end dates.

    • $50/month (30 days from the date of purchase)
    • $95/semester (Based on three semesters and follows the academic calendar - fall, spring, and summer)
    • $230/year (Annual memberships start from the date of purchase and are available year-round for sale)

    Alumni Memberships (Community Members)


    $500 annually (Annual memberships start from the date of purchase and are available year-round for sale). All community members can purchase this as their standard form of membership. You can stop by the IM Building sales desk to inquire about this for more information.


            •   18 or older

            •   a dues-paying member of the Penn State Alumni Association

    Guest Pass

    Guest passes are available for purchase for visitors 18 or older. A Campus Recreation Member must accompany guest at all times. Only one guest is allowed per member. Passes can be purchased for $10 at the IM Building. Guest passes are only available for purchase in person with the guest and sponsor present at time of sale.

    Sponsors are responsible for the behavior and actions of their guest at all times while they are in the facility and may be subject to discipline for failure to follow all posted guidelines and verbal directions of Campus Recreation staff.

    In-Person Sales

    Community members must visit the IM Building on the University Park Campus to register and pay in person. All in-person sales must take place at the IM Building sales desk and a photo ID is required. Memberships will be sold from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. You will need to present an Alumni Association Card and photo ID to register.