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Coalition on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CoDEI)

CoDEI is a network of staff and faculty across the Commonwealth focused on increasing support for diversity, equity, and inclusion amongst our student communities at all Penn State campuses. This network provides both recommendations and funding to the campuses to help achieve specific goals related to improving the experiences of Penn State's students.

CoDEI seeks to enhance programming endeavors related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, increase the visibility of historically marginalized students, and improve standards and accountability for equity-minded practices. Through all these efforts, CoDEI aims to improve both support for members of the Penn State community and educate others on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CoDEI’s contributions to Penn State’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are vast and multifaceted. CoDEI’s sphere of influence is both:

  • campus-wide, through institutional roles with campus partners, to serve all students and all campuses
  • internal to campuses, through the roles within various administrative units (for staff and student communities).
Goals of CODEI
  • Goal 1: Enhance the collaboration and connection of diversity, equity, and inclusion support across the campuses
  • Goal 2: Improve the connection, well-being, and belonging of students, staff, and faculty across our campuses
  • Goal 3: Expand the growth of equity, diversity, and inclusion education
  • Goal 4: Support and advocate for our various communities
  • Goal 5: Foster citizenship, engagement, and leadership development
CoDEI and Organizational Context

CoDEI is not invested in institutional change in isolation. CoDEI is financially supported by the Office of Commonwealth Campuses, Educational Equity, and Student Affairs. Along with the defined leaders and representatives, working groups on training and education, programming, and student voice, CoDEI works with the following areas of support/engagement:

The Cultural Center and Equity Collaborative

The Student Affairs Cultural Center Collaborative

The Cultural Center Collaborative, within Student Affairs, is committed to supporting the needs of Penn States’ campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for all members of the community, inclusive of all identities and allies. Adult Learner Programs and Services, the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development, the Gender Equity Center, and the Paul Robeson Cultural Center come together to form the Student Affairs Cultural Center Collaborative. While maintaining distinct and individual identities, they are grounded in a shared belief that ending one oppression requires ending all oppressions. They facilitate interactive learning, promote self-awareness, foster leadership development, encourage dialogue, and challenge traditional notions of diversity and inclusion while working with undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the larger Penn State University community.

While not the only support and advocacy centers in Student Affairs, the collaborative also works with Student Care and Advocacy and Stand for State to assist with equity-minded support and connection.

The Educational Equity Partnership

Through our partnership with Educational Equity, Student Disability Resources, Veterans Services, and the Multicultural Resource Center also serve as support resources for CoDEI and its work across the campuses.

The Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CoDEI is administratively supported by the office of the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion housed at University Park. While providing oversight to the Cultural Centers, this role and position provides direct assistance and advocacy for support of students related to diversity, equity, and inclusion across our Penn State campuses. 

Programming and Community Engagement Support

Each year, CoDEI awards up to $1,000 to each campus specifically for the planning and promotion of events that strive toward CoDEI goals. With the funding provided by CoDEI, the Penn State Campuses are able to host a myriad of DEI programs, such as speakers, workshops, films, plays, live streams, and more.

CoDEI “leaders” also can host one of two regional summits dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and can apply for up to $3,500.00 to support that endeavor.

For more information on the application for engagement funding, please contact the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.