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Reservations and Rentals

Campus Recreation allows for rental of its facilities. These options include White Building, McCoy Natatorium, The Tennis Center, Outdoor Recreation Fields and the Stone Valley Recreation Area.

Penn State Student Organizations & Departments, and External Groups

  • Cabins, Lodges & Pavilions: Stone Valley Recreation Area
  • Challenge Courses:  Outdoor Adventures
  • Pools: McCoy Natatorium
  • Tennis Courts: Tennis Center

Penn State Student Organizations & Departments ONLY

  • Gymnasiums & Rooms: White Building
  • Recreation Fields: Bigler Field, Park Ave Fields, West Campus Fields

Pools: McCoy Natatorium

Rates are per hour unless otherwise noted.

  • Building Charge: $295

  • Outdoor Pool Rental: $200 entire pool, or $25 per lane (long course)
  • Indoor Pool Rental: $80 entire pool, $16 per lane, $65 diving well
  • Timing System & Equipment for one course: $26
  • Timing System Operators: $16
  • Sound System: $75 per day

Tennis Courts: Tennis Center

Rental of the entire indoor complex is available during the indoor season on Friday & Saturday evenings.

  • Contract fees:
  • Booking Fee: $100.00
  • Set up Fee: $100.00
  • Outdoor rental: $75.00 per hour
  • Indoor rental: $125.00 per hour
White Building

Gymnasiums & Rooms: White Building

Requesting Practice or Special Event space in the White Building:

  • To request Weekly Practice space throughout the semester, you must be a registered Penn State Student Organization. Please click on the link below and fill out the form and email it to the White Building Coordinator, Nick Petrone, at
  • Please fill out the pdf below. The document must be completed with your name at the bottom where it says signature.
  • To request space for a Special Event here in the White Building, you must be a registered Penn State Student Organization. You must fill out the "Student Program Registration and Facility Request Form" from either the 125 HUB Events office, or outside of office 139 in the White Building. Fill the form out and get it signed by the HUB administrator in 125 HUB. Bring the form to 139 White Building, and we will get back to you on whether it can be scheduled or not.
IM Building

Please fill out the contact form below for submission to rent any of the IM Building's space. Please know that there are considerations that might require more information.

Penn State Student Affairs
Campus Recreation

IM Building
University Park, PA 16802