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Healthy eating and nutrition are important in maintaining overall health and academic success. HPW offers a number of resources to help you develop healthy eating habits and get the nutrition you need. We offer free one-on-one nutrition counseling in the Nutrition Clinic. Registered Dietitians work with students and provide support services for: 

  • Meal planning 
  • Food preparation 
  • Eating on a budget 
  • Disordered eating 
  • Food allergies
  • General food questions 
  • Vegan/vegetarian diets 
  • Diet needs specific to culture

In addition, HPW provides resources, such as healthy cooking videos and recipes.

How much do you know about healthy eating?

Did you know that Penn State has many places to eat on campus, with healthy options at nearly every location? Learn how to make healthy choices whether you're living on or off campus.