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There are many ways you can choose to get healthy and have fun at Penn State. Our staff, comprised of both students and professions will lead, inspire, and motivate you to find your best YOU!

Virtual Fitness

Our staff is committed to bringing you opportunities to stay active during the campus shutdown as a result of COVID-19. We are working to build out an extensive library of videos on the Student Affairs YouTube Channel. We are also bringing you live fitness classes through the Penn State Campus Recreation Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please be sure to follow us on those platforms and feel free to reach out with any suggestions or comments.

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Fitness & Wellness Schedule

Due to the university closure for COVID-19, we have shifted all of our programming to Instagram (@pennstatecrec) and YouTube (Penn State Student Affairs). Thank you.

Weekly Group Fitness

Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness has more than 100 weekly drop-in classes that are free for all students and those with a Campus Recreation membership, including Full Body Workout, Interval Training, Indoor Cycling, Zumba©, and Ab-solute Core. Classes run from early morning until late at night, seven days a week. To ensure you have spot in the class, registration is strongly encouraged.

360 Fit

This cardio-weight interval class uses bouts of high intensity cardio moves followed by muscle conditioning to maximize your time and boost fitness levels quicker. Different equipment will be used each class to keep the energy and fun at an all time high.

AB-solute Core

Strengthen the muscles in your mid-section and low-back in this short targeted workout that will leave your whole core burning, but still keep you wanting more.

Barbell Bootcamp

This fitness class combines continuous cardiovascular activity with light to moderate barbell training. Cardio training using a standard straight barbell and weight plates attached to both sides. Plates are also used off-bar and individually for load. If you’re looking to take your muscular endurance to the next level, this is the class for you.


Barre incorporates toning and resistance exercises while utilizing barres, balls and light weights for an effective, non-impact workout. Barre employs the interval overload method to continuously increase your heart rate by targeting specific muscle groups. After fatiguing your targeted muscle group, stretching immediately follows. Bonus - you can do this class in your bare feet for optimum efficiency.


This class is perfect for all fitness levels alike and allows you to get the workout that you came to get. Cycle to music that will motivate you through the hills as you build strength and drive you quickly through the sprints as you build speed. Patrons are asked to bring a towel with them to class in order to participate. Please note that registration may be effected by bike maintenance.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The High Intensity Interval Training class combines bursts of high intensity work with short bouts of recovery.  This class is designed to challenge participants using different body weight movements every week including lunges, squats, push-ups, and burpees.


Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. Build stamina, improve coordination and get your heart rate and blood pumping as you punch, kick, and block your way through mini cardio combos.


Pilates emphasizes the strengthening of the Powerhouse region: abdominals, back, hips, inner/outer thighs, and buttocks. This class will focus on overall toning, stretching, and lengthening. Work on posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination with newfound energy. Mats provided, but personal ones are always welcome.


Pound fuses easy to follow cardio moves with Pilates, isometric movements, and yoga-based poses into a cardio strength workout, all while drumming to your favorite music. This combo works the entire body, raises the heart rate and forces each move to be as precise as a basic beat.


Come join the party each and every day by dancing to all of your favorite songs. This class mixes traditional dance styles with modern dance fitness routines for a fun, upbeat workout. Get ready to sweat but have a blast doing it.


This class mixes strength, flexibility, and relaxation over a 45 minute span. Various asana (poses) will work to improve both body alignment and kinesthetic awareness and leave you feeling strong, capable, and in control of your range of motion. The practice closes with a relaxation period to center and calm. No Yoga experience is necessary to join this practice. Mats provided, but personal mats are always welcome.


This fun and easy-to-follow, format will introduce you to international dance moves and rhythms. Taught by licensed Zumba® instructors, you’ll get the best blend of traditional Zumba® flavor with a dose of fitness thrown in.

Fitness Programs

Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness offers various fitness programs that provide skill building and personal enrichment. For an additional fee, Campus Recreation members can benefit from lower instructor to student ratios, a reserved spot in a class, progressive results, personal attention, and familiar classmates. Space is limited.

Boxing Circuit

This 1-class per week series offers you a full-body workout that's fast, effective and fun. Using the sweet science of boxing, instructors will lead you through 6 punches combined with cardio peaks and strength challenges to build both strength and confidence. 

Deep Flow Yoga

Deep Flow builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. This is a 2-class per week series that involves Yoga asanas (poses) and flow series designed to increase body awareness and relieve unnecessary tension. You will learn traditional Yoga asana from expert instructors who can adjust alignment and provide modifications. In this practice, the asanas (poses) will progress with you over time, making it appropriate for anyone who wants to build on their practice.

Hatha Yoga

The word “hatha” can be translated as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. This is a 2-class per week series that involves Hatha practices that are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation. Our expert instructors can adjust alignment and provide modifications, so the class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Power HIIT

This unique HIIT class is designed for people who want a more personal group training experience. With one trainer for every 4 participants you can be assured of personal attention. A trainer will guide the small group through high-repetition work using both independent and partner exercises. You will be able to work through the series of movements at your own pace. The trainer  will provide the workout and motivation to POWER you through the workout.

Strength and Conditioning

These functionally based sessions are geared toward working the body’s energy systems at a high pace and a high rate of intensity. This elicits better functional movement patterns and a more lasting caloric expenditure. You will train with like-minded individuals and develop a supportive community in the process. One day is spent in the “weight room” using equipment unique to that space, the other day is in the HIIT room with bags, ropes, tires, and other training tools. This class is held twice a week. Space is limited.

Martial Arts Program

Students registered in martial arts classes will gain a well-rounded understanding of the art from a trained, credentialed Instructor. Students will learn etiquette, hand and foot techniques, forms, and physical training within the rules of the respective disciplines.  No previous experience is necessary and classes are instructional in nature and will progress from week to week.

While belt testing, up to blue, is available in instructional classes on campus, it is not required (in some martial arts the purchase of a uniform or gi may be required if you want to test for a belt).


Aikido is a Japanese martial art with modern and traditional features. The training includes both self-defense techniques and mind-body coordination exercises. Aikido can be used effectively by men and women of any age and physical condition. Our instructors have practiced and taught Aikido for decades and are highly ranked members of the Kokikai International Aikido Federation

Isshin Ryu Karate

Isshinryu Karate highly values the fostering of self-defense skills as well as a noble spirit through physical and mental training. Isshinryu Karate training can enhance academic excellence, goal setting, physical fitness, self-defense, and leadership skills. Isshinryu Karate is a peace-making martial art that promotes courtesy and cultural exchange.

Korean Karate

Training in self-defense, physical fitness, traditional forms, and sparring based on a blend of Korean martial arts styles with influences from American boxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, and Judo. Beginners are welcome, as are those with prior experience in karate.


Shotokan Karate is a traditional style of Okinawan karate that provides a way for an individual to realize the greater potential and expand the limits of that individual's physical and mental capabilities. Karate is an excellent, time-proven method of personal development.

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art that dates back 2000 years. Students develop both the mind and the body as they learn basic techniques, forms, and self-defense, as well as philosophy, mechanics, and the history of Tang Soo Do. 

Custom Fitness Classes

Do you want to bring a group together or need some stress relief? Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness are here to help. We offer a wide variety of custom classes that will fit your group's needs. Sessions will be led by a Penn State Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer.

Scheduling a Custom Fitness Class: To request a private fitness class, please complete the custom fitness class request from at least 2 weeks in advance of your event. All entries will be addressed as soon as possible.

Policies: Class options are subject to availability of instructors and space. Custom Fitness Classes come at a fee and must be paid in full prior to a session. A minimum of 24 hours advanced notice is required for cancellation and re-scheduling, otherwise a loss of fee will occur.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are opportunities for Campus Recreation members to increase their health and fitness knowledge and improve training techniques. These workshops, provided by student fitness leaders are special offerings designed to teach new skills. Often these workshops are in collaboration with other units across the University such as Health Promotions, Counseling Services, and student clubs. Past workshops have included stress management, women's weightlifting, healthy food choices, and holiday highlight classes.

Social media and the Campus Recreation registration site are the best ways to learn about these special opportunities.

Personal Training

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you are looking to change your routine, Campus Recreation personal trainers are ready to serve you.

Current membership is required to register for personal training. 

Personal Training: Beginning a new fitness training program can be an intimidating process. Our certified trainers can guide you through a training program specifically designed and tailored to your goals and your busy schedule. After your initial enrollment, you will be paired with a personal trainer who has common availability. Together your trainer you will complete an initial fitness assessment. This assessment will be used to show progress throughout your training. Collectively you will establish goals, expectations, and develop a progressive training plan. Our personal trainers will guide, motivate, and educate you to find your best you.

Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers

Our student fitness instructors and personal trainers are committed to health and fitness. They hold a national certification and have successfully completed a 16-week, 3-credit training course (Kines 93). Through this course, they gain leadership skills, fitness knowledge, and motivational tools to help fellow students become fit, healthy contributors to the Penn State community.

For more information email

Aqua Classes

Aqua classes are designed to give a maximum workout in a private group setting while utilizing pools in the McCoy Natatorium. These classes are progressive in nature and vary in intensity depending on which option you register for.

Aqua Move

This is a course for those looking to keep moving and a balance of low-intensity cardio and full body strengthening in shallow water.

Aqua Power

This is a high-intensity interval based workout through plyo work in the shallow water! Participants will be bouncing, skipping, jump squatting and doing speed drills in shallow water. This is a great high energy workout that is easy on your joints and allows for some recovery from land-based workouts such as running and lifting.


BOGA Fit is a class done in the pool on a floating mat. It takes the best core strengthening movements from yoga and Pilates and combines it with a boot camp style cardio segments. There is a focus on balance and coordination with the fun, play-like twist of being in the water, so be ready to get wet during this workout! Our certified BOGA instructors have the knowledge to provide a safe, effective, fun workout in a short amount of time FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

Guest Policy
Instructional and Martial Arts classes offer a two week free trial period.

A trial visit outside of the trial period for current students and Campus Recreation members is $10.

A trial visit outside of the trial period for non-Campus Rec members is $25 ($10 Campus Rec guest fee + $15 class fee)

Guests purchasing a trial visit must be accompanied by a Campus Recreation member sponsor.

All trial visitors must purchase in person at the Intramural Building sales office on the day of the trial visit.

A dated, printed receipt must be presented to the Fitness Attendant for admittance into the class.