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Boating at Lake Perez

Head offshore and explore Stone Valley from a different perspective. Discover beautiful views and enjoy calmness unique to being on the waters of Lake Perez. Stone Valley offers paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, SUPs and rowboats for rental. Consider spending a portion or all of your day on the lake.

  • Launch Permits and Mooring Permits are available to purchase for those wishing to use personal watercraft on the lake.  Daily and Season Launch Permits may be purchased at the park office.  Mooring Permits are available for those who wish to store their boat at the lake.  Private boats may operate using electric trolling motors only.

Boat Rentals

Hours of Operation

Boating Hours of Operation

Rental Rates

Boat Rental Rates

Stop by the Main Office to rental a wide variety of boating equipment.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount for all boat rentals lasting more than 4 hours


CANOE Hourly Rate
University Park Student $10.00
Campus Rec Member $13.50
Campus Rec Non-Member $15.00
KAYAK Hourly Rate
University Park Student $10.00
Campus Rec Member $13.50
Campus Rec Non-Member $15.00
University Park Student $12.00
Campus Rec Member $16.20
Campus Rec Non-Member $18.00
SUP Hourly Rate
University Park Student $12.00
Campus Rec Member $16.20
Campus Rec Non-Member $18.00
University Park Student $7.00
Campus Rec Member $9.45
Campus Rec Non-Member $10.50
University Park Student $10.00
Campus Rec Member $13.50
Campus Rec Non-Member $15.00
ROWBOATS Hourly Rate
University Park Student $10.00
Campus Rec Member $13.50
Campus Rec Non-Member $15.00
Group Boat Rentals

Group Boat Rentals

Group boat rentals will be available to Penn State Departments and officially recognized Student Organizations. In addition to Penn State groups, any external organization that meets Penn State’s insurance requirements will be eligible for group boat rentals. External groups might include groups from other universities, church groups, civic/business organizations, etc. 

Group boat rentals are charged by the number of boats utilized plus a flat hourly rate for the safety boat. A safety boat will be assigned to all group boat rentals. For requests that occur outside of regular boating hours, an additional staffing fee may be assessed. 

Student Organizations $8.00
University Departments $10.00
Campus Rec Members $10.80
Campus Rec Non-Members $12.00
Safety Boat
(Assigned to all group rentals and includes staff)
After Hours Rentals
(In addition to rental and includes staff)

External groups must meet the following criteria for rentals: 

  • Provide a copy of their insurance meeting or exceeding University defined limits with the University named as an additional insured.
  • Reserve 6 or more boats for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Arrange the event a minimum of 14 days in advance to receive group pricing. 
  • Payment must be a single payment, split payments are not allowed for group boat rentals.
  • Participants must have a signed waiver in order to participate. 
Process for Arranging a Group Boat Rental
  • Group representative must contact the Facilities Coordinator for Stone Valley Recreation Area. 
  • Coordinator will verify availability of canoes for the desired timeframe.
  • An agreement will be prepared by the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations for Stone Valley Recreation Area and sent to the organizer with a quote.
Penn State University Park Groups Outside Groups
Organizer returns agreement Organizer returns agreement, indemnification, and proof of insurance
Rental is confirmed Rental is confirmed and an invoice is created
Waivers provided to group leader (all participants must fill out a waiver or have one signed by a parent/guardian) Waivers provided to group leader (all participants must fill out a waiver or have one signed by a parent/guardian)
Final Invoice provided 20% deposit is required to hold date
Payment is due within 30 days Final Payment is due prior to start of activity
Group Leader/Waivers

The group leader is responsible for ensuring all group members agree to boat rental policies and sign a waiver. Any person without a signed waiver will not be allowed to participate. Adults present and minors who have a parent/guardian present may sign a waiver prior to the start of the activity.  

All groups with minors present where the parent of each minor is not also present must abide by Penn State policy AD39. This include providing the proper ratio of Authorized adults to youth. 

  • One Authorized Adult for every six participants ages 4 and 5 
  • One Authorized Adult for every eight participants ages 6 to 8 
  • One Authorized Adult for every ten participants ages 9 to 14
  • One Authorized Adult for every twelve participants ages 15 to 17 
Boat Rental Rules & Regulations

Boat Rental Rules & Regulations

  • Patrons shall wear a PFD at all times while on the water, regardless of swimming ability

  • Occupancy of rental boats is as follows:

    • No more than 3 people permitted in a canoe at any time, exceptions may be made for a single parent with 3 small children.

    • No more than 2 people permitted in tandem kayaks except a child will be allowed as a third.

    • No more than 1 person permitted on a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) or solo kayak at any time.

  • Renters should abide by the following guidelines to ensure the safest possible boating experience:

    • Keep your weight low; do not stand up in kayaks or canoes

    • Once situated in the canoe/kayak, avoid changing positions

    • If your canoe/kayak tips over, stay calm and stay with the boat until help arrives

    • Boats may sink if filled with water

    • Be aware that the Stone Valley Boat Rental Shed cannot see boats in every cove of the lake. If you cannot see us, we cannot see you

    • If you are unsure, ask staff for paddling instruction and advice

  • All paddle craft must remain on Lake Perez.

  • All paddle craft must be returned by closing.

  • Paddle craft will not be rented when the water temperature is below 60°f. Rowboats and Paddleboats will still be available

  • All paddleboat rentals are charged for one-half hour minimum and one-half hour increments thereafter, all other rentals are charged for one-hour minimum and one-hour increments thereafter.

  • Swimming is not permitted from any paddle craft.

  • Dogs or animals are not permitted on or in watercraft.

  • Minors (under age 16) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian unless part of a pre-approved youth group or camp. Minors under age 10 must be in the same paddle craft with their parent/guardian. All minors must have a legal guardian present to sign liability waiver.

  • SVRA will assess additional fees to renters who negligently damage equipment or who return to the boathouse after the stated rental end time or after closing.

  • SVRA reserves the right to refuse rentals at staff discretion (safety reasons, intoxication, etc.).

  • SVRA reserves the right to deny rental service to individuals who have failed to follow the rules/guidelines of SVRA or who fail to follow weather restrictions

Private Boaters

Boat Mooring & Storage

Boat Mooring & Storage

Shore-line mooring and boat storage racks are available for Stone Valley patrons. Only patrons with a valid mooring permit may store their boats overnight at the Stone Valley storage area. All other boats must be removed each night. Overnight renters may keep their private boat by their cabin or in the main parking lot. A valid mooring permit grants launching privileges for the full launch year (April 1 – March 31)

Seasonal Storage

Valid from April 1 through October 31.

Annual Storage

Valid from April 1 of the current year through March 31 of the following year.

Spaces Available
  • 3-foot space: suitable for Canoes, Kayaks and other boats no wider than three feet.

  • 6-foot space: suitable for Rowboats, Sailboats and other boats no wider than six feet.

  • Trailer/Dolly space: suitable for a small boat on a trailer or dolly. Very limited availability.

Storage Cost

Boat Storage

3-foot Seasonal

3-foot Annual

6-foot Seasonal

6-foot Annual

Trailer/Dolly Seasonal

Trailer/Dolly Annual








Campus Rec Member







Campus Rec Non-Member







Launch Permits

All private boats must have a Stone Valley Launch Permit or a Stone Valley Mooring Permit in order to use the lake. Purchase yours at the office.


Valid beginning on the day purchased.

Cost: $8.75 per day


Valid for one year from date of purchase


University Park Students:            $5.00

Campus Rec Member:                   $18.50

Campus Rec Non-Member:         $26.50


Private Boating Rules & Regulations

Private Boating Rules & Regulations

  • Boats must display a current Stone Valley Launch or Storage Permit.

  • Boats utilizing electric motors must have a current PA Fish and Boat Commission registration.

  • Non-watercraft devices are prohibited (i.e. Inner tubes, pool floats, etc.).

  • Only non-powered or electric motor-powered watercraft are allowed on Lake Perez.

  • Boaters shall operate boats in a reasonable manner following all applicable Fish and Boat Commission regulations.

  • Non-swimmers and children 12 and under shall wear life jackets at all times while boating (per PA Fish and Boat Commission Regulations).

  • Storing any watercraft without possession of a valid permit is prohibited.

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