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Stone Valley Recreation Area

Stone Valley Recreation Area is a natural treasure nestled in the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania (14 miles from the University Park campus). Scenic mountains, wooded trails, and abundant amenities make Stone Valley a favored destination. 

Stone Valley features the 72-acre Lake Perez for fishing and boating, a picnic area, over 20 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. Seasonal cabin and pavilion rentals, a challenge course, and lodge for group programs and functions make Stoney Valley a premier outdoor facility.

Students, organizations, adults, children, families, residents, out-of-state visitors, passersby all find a reason to pause and take in its beauty.

Seasonal Safety Announcement

Hikers, trail users, and non-hunters, please wear orange. It's important during Pennsylvania's hunting seasons that you wear orange for safety. Be Safe- Be Seen.

Plan your Visit

Stone Valley is the premiere outdoor destination in central Pennsylvania. Take advantage of all there is to offer by planning your visit before arriving.


Explore our twenty-plus miles of hiking trails or utilize spur trails to gain access to even more hiking in the Rothrock State Forest. Circumnavigate Lake Perez on the Lake Trail, a 2.9-mile loop that will take you through the Stone Valley Recreation Area and Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center.


Head offshore and explore Stone Valley from a different perspective. Discover beautiful views and enjoy calmness unique to being on the waters of 72-acre Lake Perez.  Consider spending a portion or all of your day on the lake.


Enjoy the day fishing from shore or by boat for a variety of species (trout, bass, pickerel, sunfish, catfish, and others) found in Lake Perez. All Pennsylvania fishing regulations apply and a valid PA Fishing License with a Trout Stamp is required.

Winter Activities

Stone Valley is great to visit all year around. Winter adds a unique and even more peaceful outdoor experience. When the conditions are right, the trails are ideal for snowshoeing or cross country skiing and the frozen lake can be used for ice fishing.

Picnic Area

Gather with friends or family for a meal by the lake at one of our many picnic tables scattered throughout the park. Each picnic area is in close proximity to a charcoal grill or fire ring for cooking your favorite outdoor food.

Challenge Course Programs

Looking for a unique way for your group or organization to enhance their problem solving, trust building, and team development skills in a fun bonding experience? Consider booking a group program on our challenge course with our Outdoor Adventures staff. Programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.


Stone Valley has a variety of facilities and boats available for rent to individuals, families, or large groups.  Some facilities may only be available at certain times of the year or to certain groups.


Rules and Regulations

General Rules

  • Use of Campus Recreation facilities is voluntary and considered at your own risk.

  • Jewelry that presents a hazard to the user or to the facility or equipment may not be worn. Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to ask anyone to remove jewelry if potential hazards exist.

  • Patrons are encouraged to leave valuables at home. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  • Obscene, derogatory, or hostile actions (verbal or non-verbal) will not be tolerated within Campus Recreation facilities.

  • Inappropriate sexual behavior and/or sexual misconduct is prohibited.

  • Patrons may not conduct business activities with, or solicit funds from other members, guests, or staff.

  • Patrons should be considerate of others who are looking to participate in recreational activities and share the space.

  • Equipment rentals must be returned at closing.

  • Report all incidents, accidents, and injuries to a Campus Recreation staff member.

  • Patrons are expected to follow the direction of Campus Recreation staff.

    • Refusal to obey rules and guidelines may result in removal of the facility.

    • If necessary, the department reserves the right to refuse service(s).

Schedule & Special Closures

  • Stone Valley Recreation Area (SVRA) is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. Office hours vary by season.

  • Subject to PA Fish & Boat Commission regulations, fishing is open to the public 24-hours per day.

  • Subject to PA Game Commission regulations, areas designated as open to the public for hunting and trapping are open during the hours permitted on the “bags and seasons” charts.

  • Cabins are available for overnight rental.

  • Campus Recreation may close, restrict, or limit facilities within SVRA based on facility conditions, severe weather, or other safety hazards.

  • Entering, using, or remaining in an area that is not open to the public or has been closed is prohibited

  • The fenced area around the spillway is a restricted area and is off-limits for entry by unauthorized personnel.

  • Docks will be closed through the winter and during severe weather.

Traffic & Parking

  • Observe the speed limit (25 on main roads, 15 in parking lots, along the cabins lane, and lodge lane) at all times.

  • Do not drive on any roads, lanes, or other areas posted as closed.

  • Do not operate motor vehicles off roadways or outside of designated parking areas.

  • Do not operate motor vehicles on trails, service roads, or within the picnic area.

  • No vehicle should be parked:

    • in an area not designated for parking.

    • on roadways.

    • in a restricted area.

    • in a location that obstructs gates, roads, trails, entrances, exits, or turnarounds.

    • in an area posted as closed.

    • at an overnight facility without a permit.

  • Vehicles with boat trailers must park in the designated spaces.

  • Patrons not vacating gated areas by designated closing times will be required to pay any lock-out fee assessed by the University unit providing the lock-out service.

Prohibited Activities

  • Alcoholic beverage may not be possessed, sold, or consumed.

  • Smoking is prohibited on all University properties per policy AD32. This includes all indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Overnight camping is prohibited.

  • Causing or creating a noise which would annoy or disturb a reasonable person is prohibited.

  • Swimming is prohibited.

  • No littering or otherwise disposing of trash outside of a designated receptacle.

  • No person shall possess, carry, or use any fireworks on University property.

  • Firearms are prohibited except in accordance to the Weapons & Hunting section.


  • Pets are only permitted at SVRA during daylight hours (sunrise to sunset).

  • Pets must be kept on a six-foot leash while visiting SVRA.

  • Patrons must practice responsible ownership by cleaning up after your pets. Place all pet waste in the appropriate receptacles.

  • For the safety and health of your animals, Campus Recreation recommends you do not allow your animals to swim in or drink the water out of Lake Perez. (for more information read about Blue-Green Algae and Dogs).

  • Pets are not permitted in any SVRA buildings, however, service dogs as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act may enter buildings when performing their trained task(s).


  • Fires are permitted only in designated fire rings & grills.

  • Be mindful of fire danger levels.

  • Fires shall not be left unattended.

  • Hot charcoal/ash shall be left in the grill or fire ring.

  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are provided for your safety. Do not tamper with or disable any of these items.

Natural Resources

  • Damaging or removal of trees or other vegetation in whole or in part, living or dead is prohibited.

  • Feeding, harassing, or removing any animal is prohibited except in compliance with Fish and Boat, or Game Commission regulations.

  • Releasing any animal into SVRA is prohibited.

Weapons & Hunting

  • The possession, carrying, or use of any weapon, ammunition, or explosive by any person is prohibited on all property owned by the Pennsylvania State University except as provided below.

    • Weapons authorized by the Pennsylvania Games Laws may be used and possessed for hunting during hunting season by licensed hunters on non-developed wooded and farm areas of University property, and then only when not otherwise prohibited by postings.

    • Hunting, pursuing, or intentionally disturbing wildlife outside a designated hunting season is prohibited.

  • Hunting without a valid hunting license is prohibited.

  • Hunting in safety zones is prohibited.

  • Target-shooting with any device including but not limited to firearms, archery equipment or slingshots is prohibited.


  • Lake Perez is a trout-stocked lake and a Panfish Enhancement Area

  • Multiple special fishing regulations apply to Lake Perez and its tributaries, check Fish and Boat Commission Regulations for details.


Stone Valley Recreation Area (SVRA)
c/o Campus Recreation
101 Intramural Building
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1164


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