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Promotional Items

When purchasing merchandise or apparel such as t-shirts, water bottles, pins, etc. you must use a licensed vendor. Only licensed vendors may reproduce University marks, names, and logos. More information and a list of licensed vendors can be found at

Contact the Communications and Marketing Office prior to ordering products.

  1. We will recommend the appropriate wordmark based on the use, material, color, etc.
  2. You will place the order with the vendor and provide appropriate billing and delivery information (be sure to use a Penn State approved vendor unless you've received an exception).
  3. We will provide you with an image file of the wordmark to send to the vendor. The vendor must use the file we provide, they cannot recreate the wordmark or alter the color. 
  4. Vendor will provide proofs to the unit and use the online submission portal to get approval from Penn State Licensing.
  5. You will send proofs to the Communications and Marketing Office for final approval.
  6. The vendor will start the job.

When ordering apparel, the vertical (stacked) version of the Student Affairs unit logo is preferred. If the Student Affairs Mark or Student Affairs unit logo is not the primary design on the apparel, the Student Affairs mark can be printed on the sleeve as a secondary location. 

Special use marks for one-color screen printing and embroidery are also available from the Student Affairs Communications office.

When choosing apparel colors, please note that special use one-color marks can only be used on dark blue, black, or white garments. All other colors must use the standard two-color blue/white marks and may require a higher cost for printing/embroidery.